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    Sharp Edge

    Hi, I thought this song would be fitting for the cantina,The song writer and singer is Corb Lund,believe he is out of Canada. " Always keep a edge on your knife,son. A good sharp edge is a man's best hedge against the vague uncertainitys of life".:) Cheers
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    Laguiole sweetness

    I just got my first Laguiole,De Forge.Thanks to Sarge, Blessed be his name"for turning me to French knives. Just like mr. Ray Wylie Hubbard sings"Somethings under Heaven are just cooler than hell". I believe another Laguiole is in my future.:thumbup: Ralph
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    What would your occupation be in 1200 AD?

    I would most likely be a pilgrim wandering from village to village looking for a good dentist and soft toliet paper.:)
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    Darn those French knifemakes

    Thanks to Sarge for turning me on to the French Opinel.Ordered a couple of the folders and two paring knives.Cooler than all get out. Ordered them from Ragweed Forge.Talk about fast service.Almost beat me home and I live off the beaten path in MT. I'll keep watching for neat reveiws...
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    Kumar Is Gravely Ill

    Wishing Kumar a fast and complete recovery.Hang in there,man.Good men are hard to find.
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    A Toast For the Evening

    Cheers:) Happy Thankgiving Shearer
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    Above The 48th Parallel: Hurricane Vs. Blizzard

    I agree with Munk. although, North Dakotans are probably tougher than the avg. bear.Man,can it get cold up there.Brrrrr!!!!!:D shearer
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    OT - Family Food

    Hi, Hot dishes is where,the cook throws in everything but the kitchen sink and bakes in a oven. My family was big on hamburger,onions,potatos,mushroom soup,and carrots.Other people used other ingredients,but it wasn't the same.When I got married,my poor wife,a poor city girl,got a real...
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    OT - Family Food

    About hot dishes,love them.never can be sure what is in them though.I think they are a Minn.,North Dakota,eastern Mont. thing,never seen out of that area. That and Sandwich Spead on your hamburgers,nothing better. Ralph
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    Kinda OT?: What do you do / have done?

    Man,there is talented people on the forum. Worked on the farm until 18,joined the Coast Guard,was there until Regan decided to cut the Gov't down to size.Telling a petty officer to take a flying leap is not good for your marks.Still got a honorable discharge,not bad. Went back home and cowboy...
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    Who are the new comers ?

    Hi Got my first one in August, a gelbu special,got its first real test two days,when the snow storm knocked trees down all over was slicin and dicin like a cook on tv. so far I've enjoyed the experience.wish this forum was around 30+ years ago,I could have saved the taxpayers 11...
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    Eclipse, drought

    Hi, The weather in Montana was great last month,alittle dry,but,over all a great month to be alive. Today and tonite,we have a winter storm warning,if we're lucky we'll be getting up to 11'' of snow.YAHOO!! That'll knock some flys and bugs down. Have snow today and in the next...
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    kifaru tipis

    Thanks for the reply,if I may ask a couple more questions. How did it stand up in the wind? And how well does it shed water? Doesn't bother me about no floor,taking shoes off to keep tent clean while 10 below is rather silly. If I may ask ,how long have to had yours? Thanks for...
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    What is a cho creep ???

    Dang, All this time I thought cho creep was another term for windage while sighting though the cho for your 37mm grenade launcher. Back to the drawing board ;) :D Ralph
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    kifaru tipis

    Hi, First time to this thread,please forgive if this subject has already been done. I'm rebuilding a bugout bag and just found out about the kifaru tipis and stoves. My question is:has anyone in this furom used the tipis?The website had a lot of postive responses,but it is usually...
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    people never fail to amaze me...

    Hi , Talking about these coffee tales remined me of something that happened to a friend.This friend,who is about seventy yrs of age,picked me up to go to work,as he is a snoose chewer,he had his spit cup on the dash.Before we went to far,he had to stop and get coffee for the trip.Both cups...
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    Take the time

    Hello, Thanks for putting into words what I always wanted to say. About time lost,I know have some idea what you mean.My father was killed in a car accident about a year ago. About a month before the accident,I was going to Calgary for a shearing contest,and thought about asking Dad if...
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    Ponderings and a Question

    Hi, I don't know if this question has been asked before,but,as I was on the shearing board with time to ponder.This question popped in me head.How do does a person reconcile differences between the Buddhism tentant that suffering and pain is caused by desire and the overwhelming desire for...
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    Anybody break an Ang Khola???

    I thought my wifes heart was the hardest thing known to man.Especially after I infomed her what a great deal I recieved from HI and already was planning the next purchase. :D shearer
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    Very Cool experience

    Hi again, Thanks for the welcome. Me and my son took the GS for a test acouple of days ago.My boy had his GreatGrandfathers matchete that he had picked up in Trinidad during WWII.Big,heavy blade,very,very sharp. We took some 4x4's about 3' long and started attacking.The...