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    "Mora! Mora! Mora!"

    My Mora classic 1 was my first fixed blade. It has a lot of sentimental value and now I have retired it as a camp kitchen knife. Moras are one of my favorite knife brands because the low price allows you to use them to there full abilities.
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    Your Favorite Becker just Because it's YOURS

    Mine is the bk2 when paired with a Mora.
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    Your daily carry knives

    I have been carrying a SAK mechanic for 3 years now in my pocket almost everyday. It has seen a lot of use and has sentimental value to me.
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    Inexpensive knife that every knife guy (or gal) should own

    Mora high q robust and a swiss army knife farmer.
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    The Forgotten Mora

    My favorite Mora is the Mora high q robust. It was my first fixed blade. And it has seen a lot of use.
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    Best/Worst Factory Edge

    One of the worst factory edges is the condor bushlore
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    Becker question?

    Looks like I'm getting a bk16 I will get a bk2 when I get more money.
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    Becker question?

    Oh I'm sorry for leaving that out. I plan to use the knife for a lot of things like feather sticks, making spears, maybe some light batonning, whittling by the fire, and food prep. Pretty much as an all round backpacking/camp knife
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    Small Regular Sebenza Giveaway

    I'm in. Thank you so much
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    Becker question?

    Looking into buying my first Becker. What Becker would be best as a backpacking and camp knife? I plan to use this knife for a variety of tasks. Was thinking about the bk2 but was wondering if the weight would be to much. Your input and knowledge would be awesome. Thanks guys!
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    Condore bushlore questions?

    ok I will check them out. Would you recommend wood or micarta scales? Thanks.
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    Condore bushlore questions?

    OK guys so I'm a total knife noob so sorry for the stupid questions. I have been looking at the condore bushlore and I was just wondering if it was worth getting because I heard the grind it comes with it is awful and I don't think I possess the skill of reprofiling it. The knife is affordable...
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    My next Becker knife - suggestions needed

    I would say the bk21. Sounds like you are mainly trying to do machate work with the next knife you purchase so I think the 21 would suit your needs just fine.
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    Mora bushcraft black sharpening?

    Hi I'm new to knife sharpening and I recently bought a Mora bushcraft black. I noticed it has a small micro bevel on the scandi grind. What does this mean as far as sharpening? Do I sharpen this knife like how I sharpen my Mora classic 1 which is pretty much lay the bevel flat on the stone? Or...
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    Another camp out, BK7 wins again!

    Becker Bk7 is a knife I have been wanting for a while but then I stumbled across a bk10 and liked that knife to. And now my mind is at a cross road on which one I should get. Its such a tough choice.
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    How do I clean my Norton India stone?

    I recently bought a Norton India stone for $2 at a garage sale! I have no experience with these stones. It still looks kind of new and in good shape. How do I clean this stone and how often should I clean it? Will a tooth brush and Ajax powder soap work? and is there any other things maintenance...