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  1. Mike L.

    Quetzal : Straight Razor 6/8 with spyderhole

    Very good work! Tres bien! You have given a new look to a time-honored implement. :thumbup:
  2. Mike L.

    Field Khukuri Use in the American Southwest

    Excellent testament to the usefulness and sturdiness of the AK.
  3. Mike L.

    Thinner Alternative to 550 Cord?

    Countycomm sells 3/32" nylon tether cord that may be what the OP is looking for. 300 ft. spool is $8.95.
  4. Mike L.

    185mm Petty/Utility in Elmax with wa handle

    You might want to take a look at for some ideas and suggestions. I'm not a chef or a kitchen knife expert, but a lot of the guys who post there are exactly that.
  5. Mike L.

    185mm Petty/Utility in Elmax with wa handle

    My son is a professional chef. I can have him evaluate/test it if you want.
  6. Mike L.

    My last HI khukuri, old M43 by Kumar

    18" Sirupate would serve nicely for what you want. JMO
  7. Mike L.

    Spyderco caly 3 zdp or superblue

    Welcome to BladeForums! The conventional wisdom around here, when faced with such a decision, is to buy both!
  8. Mike L.

    Is This Razor Salvagable?

    Yep. That's a nice one. Definitely worth the effort to refurb.
  9. Mike L.

    Somebody stabbed me

    I'm going to buck the trend here and request that you don't post any pics!
  10. Mike L.

    Mantis Knives MT-5 Kunitza - Picture Heavy *Updated with reply from Mantis Knives*

    You never actually took it apart, did you. If I understood correctly, the screws stripped out preventing you from getting it apart. They should honor their warranty. Looks like just another in the long list of reasons not to buy Mantis products. :grumpy:
  11. Mike L.

    The Grave of the Hundred Head....

    Brilliant! Thanks Spiral!
  12. Mike L.

    Myke Hawke Gear

    Sure to be big sellers.... Wonder if they'll be available at Wally World. :barf:
  13. Mike L.

    Hello From North Georgia

    Great group WIP shot! They all look like winners. :thumbup: Now, to scare up some $$
  14. Mike L.

    Hello From North Georgia

    I don't see a cleaver pic on the web site. Your work looks really good. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Mike L.

    Too-tight scabbard

    I was able to loosen up my scabbards by wiping down the exterior with a wet sponge and using wedges. Didn't take long for them to dry. At last I can unsheath without difficulty. :D
  16. Mike L.

    Cutco Hunting Knife

    Another Cutco shill...:grumpy:
  17. Mike L.

    Custom set

    Hard to believe a person would put knives like that in a dishwasher. Willful ignorance, I guess. Very nice work, Cody1. :thumbup:
  18. Mike L.

    Too-tight scabbard

    Thanks, gentlemen. I'll give it a try and report back later. :)
  19. Mike L.

    Too-tight scabbard

    I have two khuks, one an HI 12" AK and the other a "brand X", that will not come out of their scabbards without a lot of strain and pulling. Anyone found a good non-destructive way to loosen up a traditional wood and buff hide scabbard? :confused: