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  1. DGI

    All parts SOLD or Traded Locally

    I’ll take the 9mm mags if they are still available
  2. DGI

    Okluma Ti DC1 and DC0 Package

    Items are long gone sorry
  3. DGI

    Shiro 95T M390 with Pen

    still available
  4. DGI

    Pena Stinger CF/Ti

    Still available
  5. DGI

    S&W M&P9c and M&P9 Pro

    Making room in the safe Bought these two off of a local buddy when he converted to Glocks. He ran them in a couple classes for 2 years. I function tested them when I bought them and th S&W M&P9c Milt Sparks SSII 3 magazines Bad ass aftermarket trigger tuning with tactile reset (cant remember...
  6. DGI

    Shiro 95T M390 with Pen

    im going to keep the package together for the time being. Please feel free to make an offer if you'd like
  7. DGI

    Shiro 95T M390 with Pen

    Making space in the knife box. Ive bought and sold a 95T on at least 5 different occasions but I never end up carrying them m390 95T and gen 2 pen Both in excellent condition. This 95T was never taken apart. Smooth and solid, factory edge $1050 shipped
  8. DGI

    Pena Stinger CF/Ti

    Pena Custom Stinger light snail trails on clip comes with Pena Pouch $630 shipped
  9. DGI


    Like new Impinda, full kit Comes with filler tab $SOLD shipped
  10. DGI

    Non-Mag “Molon Labe” Wallet

    Special ordered this one but apparently I have more than 12 cards I need to carry on my person daily and the wallet can only hold 10 or so. Amazing craftsmanship Like new as it came from Loper Machine $185 shipped No trades
  11. DGI

    Holt Haptic

    Like new, only pocketed around the house in basket ball shorts #97 $1400 shipped overnight with FedEx because USPS sucks pm me for more pics/video
  12. DGI

    SOLD: Sangin Instruments X TAD Professional Watch

    holler if sale falls through
  13. DGI

    Nude Holt Haptic

    I'll take this per our messages!
  14. DGI

    Nude Holt Haptic

    PM Sent
  15. DGI

    Pena, McNees, George

    Dixon sold to you sir!
  16. DGI

    Pena, McNees, George

    Pena Stinger CF/Ti $675 Like new McNees Dixon $SOLD One of 2 with engraving, like new George MP-1 $900 XHP Damasteel, like new more pics available upon request
  17. DGI

    Hoback, Southard, Spyderco

    Hoback Kwaiback UHEP $500 Comes with “custom” hardware, factory hardware and wooden box. Southard Tolk full size $295 Comes with box and spare hardware. Spyderco Sage $110 Comes with original box Spyderco PM2 S35vn $350 Comes with original box. Wears titanium scales in honeycomb pattern and...
  18. DGI

    McNees Dixon Engraved

    One of two or three that were engraved by Jonathan $900