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    Blade steel

    Hey, What blade steel was used in 1991? I used to have a list of different steel types and dates they were used. Thanks, MB
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    Buck 532 - where to find?

    I seem to remember having a one or a dozen different 532's. That old posting looks familiar too. :D Sold most of those knives for a house downpayment. I do have one that maybe no one else does. Mike
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    532 Question

    Hey guys! Been gone a long time, good to see some of the same people hanging around and a lot of new ones too. My question is this, other than the 532 in the Family Favorites set, has the 532 been done with a 154CM blade? Mike
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    Flashlight holsters F/S Surefire, Mini Mag

    I have a few holsters laying in my desk. Never used just gathering dust. Surefire V70 ===== SOLD pending $$ Uncle Mikes for Surefire ==== $5 Black leather holster for mini mag (nice) ==== $5 All prices + cheap shipping. Please email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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    Steiner MERLIN 8 x 42 binoculars

    Steiner MERLIN 8 x 42 binoculars NIB for sale. I bought these last week, opened them and put them aside. I got an awseome deal on a pair of Peregine's the next day and can't keep both. All the accessories, manual and warranty card included. NEVER even been outside with them. Bass Pro Shops has...
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    Wifes first hunting trip

    Hey, I thought I would share this one with all.
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    Here is a rare one..

    It is indeed a 532 with Sawby Lock. The last with the original handles. The other 4 have been reworked. Note, there is no date stamp on this knife. Nathan, you may have a similar knife, but not this exact one. :)
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    Here is a rare one..

    Bet you won't see many of these. :D
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    Any collectors of the 525's out there?

    I just wonder if there are any collectors of this small, but handy little knife? I have a bunch that could fill in holes in your collection. Send me an email. [email protected]
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    Dan, You may want to send another email to Larry, he might not have any left. I was able to get 3 of them. Actually I have 4 if you count the one that has a silver anvil inlaid in the handle. This is a one of a kind knife sold at auction during the club meeting to raise funds for the club. I...
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    C Ya @ Blade Show?

    Hey, Hope all are having a safe one. See ya there?? MB
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    Does this mean they are in the mail?? Larry, I sent you an email.
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    Buck 110 cen2

    Blindref, That is a very fine looking 110 is all I can say about it. I have dealt with the Sharperthings on a few ocassions and met them last year at the Blade Show. Good people and thier prices are usually among the best to be found. Just my .02 worth.
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    new buckmaster for sale

    Hey, I'll buy it. Thanks,
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    Buck 560

    I saw it but he wants to much. They can be boutght on Ebay for about $20 less.
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    New 532's !!

    I got lucky enough to get a few of the new stag 532's with 154cm blades and "additional" filework by Wilde Bill Cody, thumbstud and pocket clip. I must say that these truly are great pieces and a pleasing variation without the rear bolster. Thumbs up to Buck!! NOW HOW 'BOUT DOING THE NEXT ONE...
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    Complete set of RKS newsletters

    GONE!! I have a complete set, issues, 1-56. All in excellent condition. Please send me an email if interested. Thanks!!
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    Dating older Buck's
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    Dating older Buck's

    Blue Sky, I tink this is what your lookin for ;)
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    They Gone And Done It Again!!

    Buck's CS is the best!! :D