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  1. Joshua Fisher

    widening a billet with press?

    Coal iron works has fullering dies that press from the top and bottom, those would probably work great and you could setup stop blocks along the sides of the press, for example if you want to widen a billet but don’t want it thinner than say 1/2” lower the dies until they are 1/2” apart and...
  2. Joshua Fisher

    Hand Forged Tomahawk

    Hello Everyone, I have a hand forged tomahawk available today. Made from 1” square W1 tool steel it was forged out to a 3” wide blade fully tapered to a sharp edge. The handle is 18.5” long made from charred hickory. This piece was left with the forged finish to give it a very rustic and old...
  3. Joshua Fisher

    Closest steel to Opinel Carbon for Knife Making

    In this case I’d say yes, I’d start a new blade. Use the first one as a template if you like the shape but my guess is the blistered spot was right were the burner was sitting, you should keep the blade moving in the forge, I alway tell students when teaching simple heat treating that you should...
  4. Joshua Fisher

    Spar urethane and micarta

    All wood finishes have a shelf life, oil based urethanes have about a 6-8 month shelf life, after that pitch it. It may not cure properly. Other than that if you went out and got a new can of spar varnish it should dry just fine on micarta, it would be a poor finish for a knife handle in my...
  5. Joshua Fisher

    Cracked blade from peening - 14C28N?

    I think the shape of the chisel could also have an effect, I know in Japan the chisel is normally sharp/blunt edge and what I am using is round and domed, in my mind the round divets seem like they would create less of a stress point than the sharp chisel, and Ive Damascus blades warp...
  6. Joshua Fisher

    Finger saver ring

    Sorry Stacy I wasn’t trying to break a rule, I was just asking for more info in a direct pm if Pablo was even interested in having more made. Thought my post was vague enough it would be okay. I’ll make sure not to do that again.
  7. Joshua Fisher

    Finger saver ring

    Buying offer removed. Please do not do it again!
  8. Joshua Fisher

    *SOLD* Mini Ronin Edc, W2 with hamon

    The blade is progress above has been claimed, thank you everyone and I’ll be sure to have some more of these available soon.
  9. Joshua Fisher

    *SOLD* Mini Ronin Edc, W2 with hamon

    The blade is 1” wide at the ricasso. Here is a photo of another W2 blade I’m working on, this one is ready for the handle material to be selected so if you are interested in getting to pick the handles for this blade let me know, price would be similar to the original blade from this post.
  10. Joshua Fisher

    *SOLD* Mini Ronin Edc, W2 with hamon

    I’ll measure another blade in the same style when I get back to the shop today, this exact knife just sold earlier today at an event. I do have another blade started with a hamon ready for handle material. I’ll post a picture of it today as well.
  11. Joshua Fisher

    Hand forged bottle openers

    I have 5 left so I’ll pull three aside for you.
  12. Joshua Fisher

    *SOLD* Mini Ronin Edc, W2 with hamon

    Thank you, the burlap micarta looks really good in person especially when the light hits it.
  13. Joshua Fisher

    *SOLD* Mini Ronin Edc, W2 with hamon

    Thank you, I have been so busy with custom orders and local stores that are carrying my knives that I haven’t had much time to make extra knives to post here, this was one I finished between orders and really happy with how it turned out.
  14. Joshua Fisher

    Scotchbrite belt tracking on 2 x 42

    What 2x42 do you have? Usually they don’t have enough tension on them which is why belts like scotchbrite don’t track well, same if your doing any slack belt grinding sometimes that can really push the belt one way or another. So maybe see if you can add more tension to your grinder.
  15. Joshua Fisher

    *SOLD* Mini Ronin Edc, W2 with hamon

    Hello Everyone, I have one of my mini Ronin Edc knives available today, this one is made from W2 with a hamon line. This was created using natural clay during the heat treated process to create two different steel structures and a visual line dividing them. The handle is burgundy burlap micarta...
  16. Joshua Fisher

    Quench oil sourcing

    when I got 5 gallons of parks 50 it was from maxim oil, in 2020 it was only $108 plus shipping, Pops Knife supply currently has it in stock for $150 for 5 gallons. So it’s not that much cheaper getting it direct and if someplace is charging 250-300 for 5 gallons on parks 50 they are really price...
  17. Joshua Fisher

    Recommendation? How thin is too thin? (Edge geometry)

    Yeah maybe just go a touch thicker for heavier use blades, like I said most of mine are between .012-.015 and hold up to that same test, I haven’t really tried a tip pry test on my kitchen knives as I would never recommend that at all, honestly I don’t recommend it for any knives but I have used...
  18. Joshua Fisher

    Recommendation? How thin is too thin? (Edge geometry)

    Where did you get the 8670 from? I’ve made probably 400 knives out of it at this point and been very impressed with it, edge geometry is almost just as important depending on what you want out of the knife, I take kitchen knives out of it thinner and I’ve found the thin edge geometry helps with...
  19. Joshua Fisher

    Recommendation? How thin is too thin? (Edge geometry)

    I corrected a typo in the previous post, it should have read .012-.015. What I’d on the one where the tip broke up is refrains a tip in similar to the other knives then start thick and work thinner so take the entire edge back so it’s .03” behind the edge which is very thick for that size knife...
  20. Joshua Fisher

    Recommendation? How thin is too thin? (Edge geometry)

    It would help to post a photo of the blade so we can see the profile as that will play a role, a fatter tip like on a blade with more belly will hold up better then a really sharp tip like a needle. Also what type of grind is on the blade? Zero edge doesn’t necessarily tell us much as a zero...