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    Easton, PA Knife show April 17-18

    Show was small, more custom and new knives than antiques. Didn't take any photos. Was nice talking with guys I haven't seen for over a year but I found nothing I needed. I did sell a few to dealers, and one to a guy who had asked me for it via e-mail. Hopefully the pandemic will have abated some...
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    Easton, PA Knife show April 17-18

    Hi everybody, just a note that the Easton, PA knife show is next weekend, April 17-18. It is held at the Charles Chrin Community Center in Easton, opens to the public at 9AM. This will be the first show in the northeast in over a year, lots of folks chomping at the bit to have an opportunity to...
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    Recommendation? Where to live in Florida?

    My sister is a professor at UFL Gainesville. I have visited her and it's not a bad area at all. Northern FL so it isn't as crazy hot as way south FL and being a university town there are a lot more "tolerant" folks in the area. 1.5 hours or less to either coast and normally less hurricane damage...
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    Your physical reaction to having had the vaccine shots

    Get the shots!! I got the dang covid last April, it damn near killed me and I have what may be permanent lung damage from it. My first Moderna shot I just had a sore arm at injection point for a couple of days. Second shot was fine the day of the shot, next day I felt groggy and very tired even...
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    Sadly there is no KA-BAR factory. You should just give KA-BAR an e-mail or a call and ask them if they have one left in their warehouse although it may be doubtful, never hurts to ask.
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    Help with ID and Handle

    There is nobody at KA-BAR who knows a dang thing about older knives. The original company was sold three times, and their factory closed around 1976. There is nobody there from the original company. The most info they have in the form of old hunting knife brochures was donated to them by me. For...
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    Help with ID and Handle

    DC, this is what I am pretty sure your blade once looked like. The two holes in the tang are for stag handle pins, but I am unsure if the leather handled versions had the pin holes since I have never removed a leather handle on this model. Here is a stag handled one.
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    Help with ID and Handle

    Lucky, you are referring to the MK2 knives and DC's knife is not one of those, it is a hunting knife. DC, your threaded portion of the tang which had a brass barrel nut is broken off so it will not be possible to put an original aluminum pommel on it. Your knife could have had stag scales or...
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    Kabar 1184

    Don't bother with what sellers are asking. Do an ebay search for Kabar 1184 then go to the left toolbar and go to "sold items" where you will see what they actually sold for not what they are asking. These are on ebay every week.
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    Trying to determine age of this knife

    Need photos!!
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    Kabar Commando

    Hey Ed, I finally dig up my dive knife. Some pitting and staining but they are hard to find.
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    Kabar Commando

    To me the only similarity between a KA-BAR commando and the PAL RH36 is that they have six inch blades and leather handles. The KA-BAR is so much better made than the PAL. Pal has a zinc pommel, KA-BAR commandos steel pommels, PAL smooth leather handle, KA-BARs grooved leather handles, better...
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    Kabar Commando

    The "commandos" were 6" blades, available in a flat ground parkerized blade or a saber ground fullered chrome plated blade. No real need for them to make re-issues of the model, they have made plenty of 6" blade hunting knives in the last 50 years and still do. The MK2s were all 7" blades and...
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    Keystone blade show canceled

    Really gonna miss the show Skip!! Although it is a smaller show a lot of quality knives show up there and I always have a good time. Gonna miss you guys and all the vendors and buyers. Of course with 2 feet of snow here it would be tough to get my car loaded for the show but a little more work...
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    Old Ka-Bar Hunting Knife

    Wayne is correct, your knife is 1924-1930s era. Model number is 372-5 and originally had a 4&1/2 inch blade. The same model can be found marked just Union Cutlery Co, Olcut, Keenwell, KA-BAR (all Union Cut marks) as well as with retailer's marks like Folsom. Look on the blade side of the guard...
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    Help Identifying a WW2 Ka-bar

    Your son found a genuine WW2 USMC MK2 knife. When I was a kid (I'm 73) we used to buy them at an army-navy store for $1.50-2.00 and take them into the woods to our campsite and throw them until they got lost or broken. I wouldn't clean it much more. It does not have a lot of collector value due...
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    Old Ka-Bar Hunting Knife

    Hi Bruce, photos not showing, if I could see the knife I can give you a good idea of model and age.
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    Help with ID

    1066, that chart you show has so many mistakes it is almost useless.
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    Spotting fakes

    I suppose that depends on what your definition of genuine KA-BAR is. Yes, the newer (1976-now) ones are marketed by a company called KA-BAR. However, they don't really have a factory of their own. I believe their KA-BAR USMC knives are made for them by Cutco which is in Olean, NY just as KA-BAR...
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    Can you help me identify this knife

    Definitely a cool older knife!!