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  1. bhyde

    Selling my Knives Part 2 with prices

    This comment is neither helpful nor needed Familiarize yourself with the rules please and then edit
  2. bhyde


    I agree with this
  3. bhyde

    SOLD, Some more Blade Show inventory

    In Shiv dangit OK FK2
  4. bhyde

    2003 Mammoth Bark

    Don't do this
  5. bhyde

    Disappointing Customer Service Refusal Due to Mod

    I have no idea how anyone can take your first post in this thread negatively. Absolutely charming. Calling each other names is not quite how we do things around here. Have an issue with someone? The report button works last time I have checked. I'm sticking a fork in this thread but before I...
  6. bhyde

    Price drops! Older unique Sebenza's - carbon fiber, micarta, damascus

    Look at your membership level for all the information that you need as to why you can't send a PM
  7. bhyde

    CRK Small Sebenza 21 Full Backspacers - The Evolution

    I get it- I make things as well. Certainly have to have some thick skin if you make anything for public consumption. Overall, I think that people are good but quick to dispense retribution at any negative. More or less anyway.
  8. bhyde

    CRK Small Sebenza 21 Full Backspacers - The Evolution

    Just some thoughts from someone that has been otherwise occupied most of this year for various personal reasons. If you are going to offer a product as an upgrade to an existing line, my suggestion would be to ignore dissenting commentary altogether. You WILL get negativity anywhere you go. You...
  9. bhyde

    We lost one of our own today......

    Well damn..this has been a horrible year for this kind of thing. Esav will be missed!
  10. bhyde

    Jekyl to hyde spacer

    Nothing has changed with the spacing of the holes in years- They fit everything but the handmade/prototypes from what I am aware of. Either way, the 31 has a relief in the area of the scale where these engage- Should work but maybe look a little off? There are some changes coming for the 31 to...
  11. bhyde

    Jekyl to hyde spacer

    How long did you refresh?
  12. bhyde

    Jekyl to hyde spacer

    This week
  13. bhyde

    BAD- Received Rocks vice Rockstead

    Closing this for now- Either of the original parties can request either me or one of the other mods to reopen. Too much off-topic banter.
  14. bhyde

    BAD- Received Rocks vice Rockstead

    Wish I could answer this- Honestly, no idea..but I guess hybrid is the best descriptor? meh- Sorry for taking it down this particular rabbit hole- The funding wasn't necessarily where I was going with my post.. Taxes or otherwise. Apologies to @RayseM as well. My main point was that I reuse...
  15. bhyde

    BAD- Received Rocks vice Rockstead

    If they were a business, they wouldn't carry 15 billion of debt constantly. They would simply be gone. Know any businesses that has that perk? Read the link I just added to the last post on this matter. All the perks of a government agency and none of the downsides of a business.
  16. bhyde

    BAD- Received Rocks vice Rockstead

    Oh...In that case..use the boxes to build a house..since they are free and all. way to pick the flyshit out the pepper Someone IS paying for it..and since the USPS is in DEBT and a GOVERNMENT agency..That will be US. I was compelled to respond..
  17. bhyde

    Long time forum member Rhesus Feces has passed

    Damn..Sorry to hear Funny guy- Will miss seeing his posts. RIP Josh
  18. bhyde

    BAD- Received Rocks vice Rockstead

    Thanks for bolding this part for me- Saves me a bit of time. It's so obvious that the knife was probably lost due to reusing a box- Which, is obviously free is the best excuse and just having the resource because it's free doesn't mean that we have to always take advantage of it..Especially...
  19. bhyde

    BAD- Received Rocks vice Rockstead

    I reuse boxes on occasion if they are in good shape. Laziness has nothing to do with reuse in my case and really, I'm sure I am not the only one that does it. The difference is, i'm not changing my packaging habits.. I still tape every edge like I would a new box. Most would be hard pressed to...