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    What’s your go-to dog walking carry? Let’s see some pics!

    He looks like a fantastic dog, Enjoy him ! I was very close to getting another, in my aging body I've decided taking care of a smaller dog 40lbs or less was more my direction. This girl is what I ended up with. Along with Guinness's best friend This Ole boy.
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    What’s your go-to dog walking carry? Let’s see some pics!

    Thank you, nice looking dog. My dog is a mix with corgi, just not 100% on what the other part is ha .
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    What’s your go-to dog walking carry? Let’s see some pics!

    What kind of mix is your dog ? I'm curious as it looks similar to my dog.
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    What’s your go-to dog walking carry? Let’s see some pics!

    I felt more than secure with my GSD with me as well. He was very even tempered but he could definitely deal with any difficult situation. I lost him a few months ago to old age. I'm a bit jealous because he was the best dog I could have ever asked for.
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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    I have insomnia.
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    Military steel choice....52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately I chose M4)

    Any of those steels will do. Tbh I like s30v it's just a very common steel. S90v is also a great choice, I don't look forward to sharpening it though.
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    Best steels for pocket knife

    Since corrosion has been an issue for you. I recommend lc200n.
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    Recommendation? Is a Rat 1 still worth it today?

    It's a great knife and has alot of different colored handles to choose from. I really don't carry mine much. Yet as everyone has said it's a great knife.
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    Thank you @johnny. Fair enough, I can understand the appeal. I believe I'll stay true to what I have now. I appreciate your help.
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    Hello. I've been checking the inkosi out because I've seen quite a few pics that say they're good. I'm not completely sold. The clip is not reversible, the warranty does not cover wrist flicking, s35vn steel ? I know it's personal preference . What are the advantages to using this knife...
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    Serrated LC200N: How’s it holding up?

    I have 3 salts but they are all in lc200n so I cannot compare one to the other. I had the understanding that lc200n is a bit more resistant to corrosion and stronger than h1. But that's just internet wisdom. I think the wharncliff delica is the most comfortable to carry for swimming. From...
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    Pet peeve of the day - blade coatings

    I like the coatings. Where I'm located the sun can be blinding on a shiny blade. Not always an issue but enough that it is preferred to have a black blade for me.
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    Alternative to KERSHAW LEEK ?

    That Zeiba MS3 is sweet looking !! I'm tempted to grab that one. The price is steep but that look is niiice.
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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Cut my thumb open cleaning another knife. Needed a auto, I haven't carried this one as I just like the looks. Guess it's time to break it in.
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    Recommendation? New Knife Time

    I don't know what you own or are specifically interested in. The delica consistently falls into my pocket. Also a manix 2 is great too.
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    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Doing some swimming today. Can't wait to use the Beetlejuice out of this knife.
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    Getting into blades

    There are alot of steel options to weigh in. Also exclusives and sprint runs to consider as well. Good luck
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    Military'esquing the Endela & Delica Profiles...

    Hi @BOOMER52. Can you pm me about micarta scales for manix 2 and or endela. Thanks
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    Getting into blades

    I recommend skipping the budget lined stuff. Go straight to spyderco.
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    How To Easy Ghost G10 In Your Choice of Color!

    I really like the blurple color on the inside of the scales best.