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  1. Daniel Dorn

    Anyone know Kershaw Endgame release date

    Nice looking. I have a mini Natrix in D2 that holds an edge well, so no worries there. May need to pick one up.
  2. Daniel Dorn

    Broken Balisong

    I've broken coil springs on autos before. Kind of the "don't play with it too much or it'll break " deal. Constantly flexing the spring will heat it up and potentially damage the heat treat. Maybe give the piece a break in between. Anyway, without the spring, how well does it flip?
  3. Daniel Dorn

    **ALL SOLD**Folder collection priced to sell

    Hey, I'll give you $20 to ship both kisses. ($10 + 10) Let me know by message. Thanks
  4. Daniel Dorn

    Centuriator a "GoodGuy"

    I actually never researched beyond his 3 positive ratings on his profile, and yes he did ask me to post something in GB&U. "Hey, I posted some positive feedback for you, could you do the same for me?" I guess I tend to be too trusting, and didn't want to pass up a good deal. Luckily it...
  5. Daniel Dorn

    I just ordered a Dozier Arkansas Toothpick, was that a good idea?

    I hate to resurrect dead threads, but I just had to dredge this one back up. Almost 20 years ago I got it in my head that I needed a Dozier Arkansas Toothpick. It has always been one of those things that sits at the back of my mind, but the timing never seemed right. Either money was tight...
  6. Daniel Dorn

    Ways to get ripped off on Ebay

    Yes, Research is the most important word in relation to shopping on Ebay.
  7. Daniel Dorn

    Centuriator a "GoodGuy"

    Easy deal, no B.S. Good communication. Wouldn't hesitate to deal again.
  8. Daniel Dorn

    Chris Drew and Wayne Hendrix

    Money sent for the Dozier.
  9. Daniel Dorn

    **SOLD** Two Gerber Suspension Multitoo

    Sounds good to me. I'll take these.
  10. Daniel Dorn

    Spyderco, Berg, Mah, Pena....

    I'll take the Pena Lanny. PM incoming...
  11. Daniel Dorn

    knives out - a new movie hitting theatres this week

    Definitely a movie worth seeing more than once. FYI, the murder weapon was not a knife. Or was it? Easily one of my top five for last year
  12. Daniel Dorn

    Bucks for Sale - 120 - 110 Engraved & Wildhorse - Koji

    Let me know if it doesn't work out. I'm interested
  13. Daniel Dorn

    knives out - a new movie hitting theatres this week

    Let me guess. The murder weapon was a knife? I'm looking forward to seeing this one as well.
  14. Daniel Dorn

    Signs Christmas is approaching......

    My wife just barely broke out the Fall decorations. She'll give it a good solid month and then the Christmas bins make their way out of the garage. The Monday after Thanksgiving we go full blown Christmas. All the other Holidays fit into 2 bin . Christmas is 5 bins by itself. She has already...
  15. Daniel Dorn

    Week 41 - Kizer Ki4510A2 Nick Swan Matanzas

    I'm in. Been enjoying seeing all the goodies given out this year.
  16. Daniel Dorn

    Rike knife Thor 6 sold

    Okay, my wife is going to have a conniption, but I've been looking for one of these for a while. PM incoming...
  17. Daniel Dorn

    Tilley hats?

    I wore out a T4 Hemp that is still sitting in a priority mail shipping box waiting for me to write a letter to accompany it on the long journey back to Canada. I called it my "old man" hat. I like Dad Hat better and will start using that. I've bought other in similar styles, but they never...
  18. Daniel Dorn

    What else do you collect?

    I've been collecting coins since the late 80's, mostly US silver, plus foreign bullion and art bullion rounds. I discovered playing card art decks in 2014 and have about 300 different decks now. I've also been accumulating Maratac gear to the point of owning most of the items they produce. My...