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  1. Ruzster

    1940s-50s Fordite 110 by JAG

    Cool and perty as all heck! After 20 years+, I’ve been forced to temper my impulsive knife buying instincts but ... DAMN! GLWS!!.
  2. Ruzster

    Bad It appears I was Scammed by Symphonyincminor

    It’s become somewhat convoluted but the OP had a ghosting issue with @symphonyincminor after paying for an item offered by same but never received and raised it as a concern. Member @symphonyincminor never responded (could have resulted from some catastrophic circumstances unknown to BF) to OP’s...
  3. Ruzster

    Bad It appears I was Scammed by Symphonyincminor

    Or, you know, a flag like when dubious or unethical sales tactics on the part of a forum member get called out by forum name in GB&U when other resolution attempts have failed. He or she is always free to step up and offer a defense/explanation (or not) and potential buyers can decide to deal...
  4. Ruzster

    Bad It appears I was Scammed by Symphonyincminor

    Since when is having hundreds of posts and being around BF for years a license to blatantly misrepresent your for sale offerings? No one’s willing to call this pos behavior out publicly in GBU so that he/she can’t just continue to rip off unsuspecting buyers with this lame-ass, bad and ugly con...
  5. Ruzster

    Polishing a turd

    Haha! The lipstick on that pig really minimizes it’s overall unattractiveness. But . . . . this sir . . . . will cut.
  6. Ruzster

    Polishing a turd

    Looks like that new edge took it from a smasher to slasher. Good job!
  7. Ruzster

    goblin skinner

    Rustic yet classy at the same time. Very, very nice and very reasonably priced.
  8. Ruzster

    Would you buy a knife under those terms?

    Nope. I'd pass. While I can certainly appreciate the up-front nature of such terms, I wouldn't do a US deal where the seller tries to abdicate any and all responsibility regardless of PP's buyer protection guarantees. As a general rule, I won't do any PP F&F transactions for exactly the same...
  9. Ruzster

    Bad situation with Rick Menefee

    It appears OP must not have been all that invested in the outcome to have not bothered to follow up for 2 1/2 years. However, that doesn’t excuse @rickmenefee from not shooting off a simple text saying he couldn’t do anything with the knife in question and asking if the OP wanted to pay to have...
  10. Ruzster

    Zero Tolerance Knife

    I’ll take it. Thanks.
  11. Ruzster

    Did a knife ever fail you?

    Had the liner lock fail on CRKT Heiho. Slipped completely by and off the tang under moderate pressure. Like the knife but the liner lock isn’t dependable.
  12. Ruzster

    Bad VincentV

    Not sure I understand how the seller can make an “unauthorized purchase” using the buyers pp acct. Wouldn’t an unauthorized purchase originate on the buyers end or is it the same as claiming the item was never received or not as described? Anyway, sounds like @VincentV got some ‘splaining to do...
  13. Ruzster

    Should It Stay or Should It Go?

    I like your style, @[email protected] :) You guys obviously have an excellent reputation around here and I can see why. Your willingness to engage in a discussion about this issue speaks volumes. Good on ya.
  14. Ruzster

    Should It Stay or Should It Go?

    Appreciate the response @[email protected] I had hoped that might be the case but, on it's face, the language used on your site doesn't leave much wiggle room: "DLT Trading does not pay return shipping fees for any reason other than if we sent you the wrong item." I do a lot of internet shopping and...
  15. Ruzster

    Should It Stay or Should It Go?

    Never mind, @[email protected] Checked on your site (probably should have just done that to begin with) and found the answer to my question. Return shipping costs for defective but unused items purchased through DLT are not reimbursed. Again, for me personally, that policy seems neither fair nor...
  16. Ruzster

    Should It Stay or Should It Go?

    So, @[email protected], just for the sake of clarification, DLT does not require the customer to pay for return shipping on a defective but otherwise unused item?
  17. Ruzster

    Should It Stay or Should It Go?

    If OP is correct about DLT's return policy requiring the buyer to foot the return shipping costs on a defective piece, I'd have to pass on giving them a try. Why should a customer have to pay extra to return a defective item. It's not a fair or reasonable return policy.
  18. Ruzster

    New way of asking an old question

    Hmmm . . . interesting dilemma. One edged tool for a prolonged survival situation means you need something that can withstand a fair amount of hard use. Lots of overbuilt and heavy duty folders out there in that price range but a decent fixed blade for $30 is a tall order. You're talking Frost...
  19. Ruzster

    The learning curve

    Kind of hard to find but I have a Spyderco Chinook l in old-school 440V (equivalent, I believe, to S60V) that I think you’d really appreciate. Used it to skin countless critters and make many camp meals over the years. Love that freakin’ thing.