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    Cheburkov Voron one of - in EU

    Ooooo this would go great with my matching Kasatka. I can't zoom in on the picture well. How much would you say the lock engagement is?
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    Spyderco's and much more

    Is the Goliath still available?
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    Priced to sell

    Is the Goliath still available?
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    WE Stonefish

    Still available?
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    Still available?
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    Microtech Vintage Microtech USERS: ALL SOLD

    I'll take the paperweight. Damnit, looks like I'm 2nd
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    Is the difensa still available?
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    Zero Tolerance ZT 0600

    Not even down for partial trades?
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    If it's still available, email me please.
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    CKF Collection... for Sale - REPOSTED

    Is the dominance still available?
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    Spyderco Lil Lionspy - mint

    Would you be willing to accept any trades for the mjolnir?
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    A Ah completely understand. If it doesn't sell quick, still email me, I love large knives and have a pretty big collection. I wouldn't mind making a partial trade but understand cash takes priority.
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    Any interest in trades? Can't leave a comment on your profile page because 404 error.
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    Sold: Microtech(s)

    Ahhhh ok, I've been on the hunt for one something bad but understandable. Good luck with sale
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    Sold: Microtech(s)

    Was there a listing for a Scarab II DLC D/E
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    Emerson Super Roadhouse BTS

    Commented on your profile Edit: I just saw you aren't interested in trades. How about partials?
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    Kirby Lambert Whar

    Whats the blade length on this piece?
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    SOLD - Hinderer Full Track

    Oh man, I feel you pain on a metaphysical level. Better luck next time my dude.
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    All Sold

    I completely feel that, I'm just trying to complete my all black Microtech collection. All I really need now is the new Scarab II DLC and a Venomtech Tactical. Also I believe bladeops also has these in stock for $370