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  1. Sciaenops

    SliceOganzaaaa!!! . . . Wicked Thin Custom EDCs. . .Sunday, 4-18-2021 at 9:00 pm Eastern!!!

    Not new to Busse by any means but sure don’t know all the names. What are these slicers called? Specifically, what would you call #7? Thanks!!
  2. Sciaenops

    Photos Your First Busse

    My first was a Ratmandu bought from Busse. Got a sheath and loved it. Was fishing offshore and dropped it overboard in about 300 feet of water. Any divers out there?
  3. Sciaenops

    SliceOganzaaaa!!! . . . Wicked Thin Custom EDCs. . .Sunday, 4-18-2021 at 9:00 pm Eastern!!!

    I can’t believe I scored on my first choice! That never happens to me. I probably picked the least popular one but I though #7 was badass bacon shaped like fatback.
  4. Sciaenops

    SOLD Small Sebenza 21 Micarta Insingo

    I’ll take it. Please email [email protected] for payment and contact. PM doesn’t work for some reason.
  5. Sciaenops

    Busse and kin FT

    I have a small collection of Busse and Swamp Rat knives. Only looking for Serge customs, especially beans. If you have any you want to trade let me know and I’ll send a complete list.
  6. Sciaenops


    Have a MIB half track if interested
  7. Sciaenops

    Pena, Jarosz, GEC, Strider

    I’ll take the 23 in cherry
  8. Sciaenops

    Queen and Canal Street Cutlery

    I’ll take the 3 blade CSC
  9. Sciaenops


    Just need a PayPal address. Not real good with the PMs
  10. Sciaenops


    I’ll take this please
  11. Sciaenops

    All sold

    I’ll take the Northwoods.
  12. Sciaenops

    Linen Micarta Scraper Handles

    Got my two. Very well made and perfect size. These will get a lot of use.
  13. Sciaenops

    Linen Micarta Scraper Handles

    I’ll take 2 if available.
  14. Sciaenops

    2 Northwoods folders

    I’ll take the black please
  15. Sciaenops

    ,GEC 23 Liner Lock Woodland Micarta

    I’m hoping I hear from larryc in the morning.
  16. Sciaenops

    GEC 47 black plum jigged bone

    I’ll take this if still available