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    SP6 steel?

    Well there should be no worry really about the steel. It was explained that OKC found their 1075 version was a but tougher and less prone to breakage than 1095. At the cost of maybe a little more sharpening according to the great Experted one who retired recently. I have the same knives in both...
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    BK2 limitations?

    BK2 is a good well round jack of all trades with NO THUMB RAMP! Want some thing more slicier and dicier, get a BK-10. A Jack of all trades has some limitations, but the BK2 can do a lot of things other knives would fail at. Micarta Handles or G-10 ones would be a good wise up grade later. One...
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    Some OKC stuff Ramblings

    I been picking up some Cerberuses lately, good little belt knife and good little cutter. I gave one away to some one who used it for his snow mobling trips and loved it. They costed about as much as a Tweener but are D2 steel and a great G-10 handle and their sheath is okish enough. The sheath...
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    Dear O.K.C.

    SP53 still available at in the midway
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    Mk.1 Navy, Just a good knife.

    Oh nice knife works there!
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    I'm DONE with my one Recon 1!

    Yeah, the Recon 1 is by far one of the biggest bang for the buck S35VN blade with a great coating, with 3 popular blade profile. My American Tanto profile Recon 1 works pretty well. I have a feeling I'll be abusing it as a beater blade. My drop point one is a better all rounder blade. Still...
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    I'm DONE with my one Recon 1!

    Well as some one said the main part of the blade on the Recon Tanto is hollow ground, I was a little put off by that, but the front part of the Tanto blade isn't. But given its a folding knife, and the hollow grind isn't that much pronounced, its a keeper, I got it for the front part of the...
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    I'm DONE with my one Recon 1!

    Are the current CS Marauder knives still hollow ground? My current one is, that's what put me off on it and went for the Recon 1 Tanto. If it wasn't hollow ground then I'd get one ASAP. My Current CS Marauder covers camp tasks and such that are light to medium duty because of the hollow grind...
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    Just ordered Two More.

    Hope the new owners don't think what they see is a ""FAN BOYS" will by ANY THING with our Brand on it!" and cheap crap every thing thinking the hard earned CS brand reputation will carry them through. I get CS products because they work and are a decent price they get get to us customers! I...
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    I'm DONE with my one Recon 1!

    CLICK BAIT! HA HA HA HA! So I got another and made sure it was the TANTO! Well looking at another CS Marauder, and a Recon 1 Tanto was also on the screen..was thinking of getting the serrated version for my brother before he goes to Alaska Netting Season, but figured he could get his own! So...
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    Discontinued Becker knives

    BK-4 because it can do the mostus of thingies to do to do with. BK-20 because its a bigger better thicker bowie knife! Bigger IS Better!
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    BK2 New Member of my Becker Family

    Knice nife sheaf! BK2 made out of 1095 Crovan is a good solid blade.
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    What's Been Going on at KA-BAR?

    Making knives at home! Wow now that's commitment!
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    Hobbling around the house on crutches

    Looks like it fits!
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    Non sharpened Swedge Chimera!

    I took mine Tacti-Testing" it deer hunting today. Some one tried to keep some one off my land to retrieve a deer he shot...long of the very long, long, long, short of it was the POed C.O. vented on the one who posed "owning" my land got a lot of tickets and didn't know what happened to his dog...
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    Becker versitility

    Oh so true! But still a smaller knife does have its many uses. Not saying the big knife is the end all of all things to do all things, just it can do what it needs to do more jack of all tradesie stuff than a smaller knife can do more niche nicely can do. You have a great knife combo there! I...
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    Becker BK5 Kniven

    I'm an animal lover to! I love how tastier they are than those of the life giving oxygen living beings!
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    Becker versitility

    Most versatile Becker, the BK4. The most versatile in production Becker, the BK9.
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    Yep. If used for Bactitoning Tyrannical Botanicals, use another Tyrannical Botanical to make the other meet its demise on the blade steel. Not any thing harder is what I highly suggest. Dem guys still funny.
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    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    I gave up chopping down mountains as the nature freaks complain about me doing it. I told them to go complain about the mining companies that do it and leave people who do it for fun alone! They have a season for mountains now? Sheese, there still are a lot of them, they don't need a regulated...