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    Just amazed the wife with the khuk

    There's nothing quite like the look on someone's face when they ask you to chop something down and 5 minutes later they ask when you're going to do it and you just smile and say, "I'm done."

    Blade cleaning question...

    I wasn't being really clear... It's more like the spots on glasses they show in the dishwasher detergent commercials - I've never had that happen from mineral oil (I soak all my wooden handles in it and usually get it all over the blade as well). I was making it more complicated than I needed...

    Who buys all these DOTD Kukris?

    It's an addiction. They all feel different in your hand. From what I gather, Svashtar is probably the current longest running prolific collector - I think he posted his numbers a while back. He keeps most of his pretty much pristine and targets "firsts" whether it's first of a model with a...

    Blade cleaning question...

    Hey guys... I just got my Foxy Fighter by Sher and it has a kind of film on the blade. I had one other, a hanshee by Bura that had the same thing. I just kind of worked it off (Ballistol, which is what I normally use just kind of smears it a bit). I don't really want to do that with a Foxy...


    E-mail sent on the Foxy Folly...:eek: Have more of these come out and I missed them or something? Woo Hoo! I got it. I can't remember seeing one for sale at 21" before. I'll have to compare it to my older Foxy Fighter and see how they stack up.

    Is There Any Interest In Some Pointier WWIIs?

    I'd be interested...

    16 Fixed blades by Sylvrfalcn (Sarge)

    Got #6, was talking myself into trying for #9 after I sent for #6, but it was gone by the next screen refresh. Now if I can just figure out what it was about #6 that jumped out at me...

    Classic bowie

    Shucks. I just finished the math on justifying it to myself.

    What ceremony is the Bagh Bhairab used in?

    It's always referred to as a ceremonial khukuri, but none of the threads mention what ceremony or ceremonies...
  10. SASSAS

    Deals for 6/14 -- Pix, Villager, Sword and more

    HIKV is one of those recurring diseases, the kind that flares up every now and again. I was OK for a good while, but now I'm in the middle of an outbreak. Two 25" village chitlangis within a week... I just couldn't pass this one up. Something about the blade just drew me to it. And, it looks...
  11. SASSAS

    Father's Day Special Sales

    It is apropos... I look back at what I hit early on not knowing anything and I'm still amazed... I have three chiruwa WWIIs including the 20", two 20" M43s and a Falcata and now no Samsher or Large Pen.. It's just like when I didn't have a village Pen or village BGRS. Or at the time any BGRS or...
  12. SASSAS

    Safety Tip

    When moving all of your HI products to another room and wiping them down and oiling them as you go, be sure to intersperse the swords with the khukuris. Otherwise, if you do all of the khukuris first, then the swords, you may not realize you're running your oily hand down something that's sharp...
  13. SASSAS

    Father's Day Special Sales

    Aaargh! The day I miss completely is the day a Sgt. Khadka Samsher sits past the first frenzy....
  14. SASSAS

    25" Chitlangi

    Hi Steve, Beautiful work (as always). You really do a nice job adding those extra touches to your blades. Did you do anything to the blade prior to etching or does the etching process itself subdue the appearance of the lined pattern/texture that villagers tend to have?
  15. SASSAS

    Deals for 6/09 -- Pix, villager and awesome buys

    I have a 22" 30 oz. village chitlangi with horn handle by Bura that is one of my favorites (the first village chitlangi, I think). I hope I like this one anywhere near as much. It looks like it has a thin enough handle for me to get a good grip on it, which has become a big thing with me anymore...
  16. SASSAS

    Khukuri Care

    Ballistol... Makes the whole house smell nice! ;)
  17. SASSAS

    Deals for 5/22 -- Pix and awesome buys

    Please somebody buy that hanshee. It's beautiful, I have one. If it doesn't go soon, I'll have to sell a kidney.
  18. SASSAS

    Deals for 5/22 -- Pix and awesome buys

    Thank you! :) I've been waiting for a larger Sgt. Khadka for quite a while (hoping for a 16" but this'll more than do). I figured I could handle a longer khukuri at 2oz./inch if the handle was thin enough for me to get a better grip having smaller hands. This looks like it's just about...
  19. SASSAS

    Stealth Membership

    Hiding from wives who might be trying to figure out if there is a correlation between prices of what their husbands are reading and sudden expenses that may come up?