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  1. TMHunt

    The Gathering is upon us - 2017 spring edition - sign-up closed

    Put me on the list. Usual spot.
  2. TMHunt

    "Little Billy Bad Axes"

    Email is the best way to get a hold of me. Im not on BF near as much these days. You can hit the contact button o my website. Or my email is [email protected]
  3. TMHunt

    The M-18 (official)

    The reason the handles resemble Beckers handles is because the first prototypes of this knife had Etha s handles on them. (With Ethans permission) once i decided on a finalized design for obvious reasons I went to my own handles . After time went on I designed my own bolt on handle to cut cost...
  4. TMHunt

    "Little Billy Bad Axes"

    Sonny Jim, yours will ship tomorrow. Went to the PO today and is closed for MLK.
  5. TMHunt

    Oh, The Weather Outside Is Snarkful...

    ^^^^^ I think I forgot how to post lol ^^^^^^
  6. TMHunt

    Oh, The Weather Outside Is Snarkful...

    Definitely still alive, although sometimes i feel otherwise. Staying overly busy which is good in my profession. Still looking for that ultimate full time employee if anyone is looking for a full time job. Pay sucks, boss is a asshole but it's kinda a cool gig if you can deal with those two...
  7. TMHunt

    "Little Billy Bad Axes"

    Sonny Jim. Your James from Cali correct?
  8. TMHunt

    The Magua

    Great score. One of my favorite setups there.
  9. TMHunt


    Lol, everybody always pickin on me 😉
  10. TMHunt

    Oh, The Weather Outside Is Snarkful...

    Is it safe to come out now. I got over it because I couldnt say anything without being debated by keyboard warriors.
  11. TMHunt

    T.M.Hunt knife pics. free for all to post there pics.

    Wow, the green canvas faded a little on the Yuma. Thats pretty wild lookin.
  12. TMHunt

    "Little Billy Bad Axes"

    Yes,I,still make them. Have a few ready for handles if your interested.
  13. TMHunt

    USA Made Blade November 5th Open House Invite

    Already have the cloriform rag, handcuffs, and the rubber chicken ready for Kevin! 😙
  14. TMHunt

    Snark Yurty to me

    Whatz up bitches........ had to say it. Been away for a while. And i just had a 4 year old yell that at me..... no lie.
  15. TMHunt

    Becker East Fall 2016 Gathering

    You guys gonna post the address so the new folks can put it in there GPS?
  16. TMHunt

    Becker East Fall 2016 Gathering

    To answer any of the newbies questions as far as Ethans shop ill try to address some...... Ethans shop is not necessarily set up as a knife makers shop. Its a hobbiest type shop, lots of wood working tools and a few knick knacks that will more than suffice for forming or deforming metal...
  17. TMHunt

    Becker East Fall 2016 Gathering

    I dont really care where i sleep either but up on the ridge in my normal spot suites me fine. I know one thing though, im not being lured into Dereks room with candy anymore.
  18. TMHunt

    The "Official" T.M. Hunt Custom Knives Random Chat Thread

    Sorry i missed that game, we should try to get Sophie there next year i agree. Sure enjoyed last fridays game with you guys though.
  19. TMHunt

    Becker East Fall 2016 Gathering

    Hell i dont know yet. Jareds grades havnt been good enough so i told him there was no way i was letting him ditch school to go like i did last year. Hes pissed, but it worked. His grades are coming up..... Allen will be there same as last, hes bringing his wife which you guys will all love ...
  20. TMHunt

    Becker East Fall 2016 Gathering

    Im sure we could pick his brain. He,makes,some cool stuff!