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    I would recommend that anyone interested in a very well made khukuri should investigate Himalayan Imports here on Bladeforums. <> They are the best that I've found and satisfaction is guaranteed. And the backstory of the company is...
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    Shikari Vala

    Got the "Long Gone" from Auntie Yangdu, so somebody stealth sharked it. But she said that she "will ask Purna to make few Spear for summer" - so apparently Purna may still be making new items for H.I.???
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    Shikari Vala

    EMS for the Shikari Vala
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    Random Thought Thread

    no escape from reality!
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    Spyderco SOLD

    seconds on S90V Chief if first sale falls through
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    Congrats Swarthy!!!!
  7. moparsbob

    Happy Birthday Ms Yangdu!!

    Happy Birthday, and I wish you many more!
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    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    I think it's a pile of sand, to absorb the blood?
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    Random Thought Thread

    You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows
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    What kind of folder do you carry?

    How does this lock mechanism differ from the Paul knife axial lock?
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    Axe? Please educate me

    Nathan, please check out these Tuatahi racing axes from New Zealand: I think that there's room at the top for some new racing axes from CPK to also win axe competitions! And you can see that even with the exchange rate being $1.35 NZD to $1 USD, they...
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    CPK Pet Thread

    Congrats Mat! It's good to have a dog in your life, even if not your own.
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    Everybody say hi to my mom!

    Hi Nate's Mom. Yes, your son is making some of the very finest knives in the world - you should be very proud!
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    Pre-order for the new Kephart?

    Another Kephart just showed up - Dogwood knives custom Kephart with 5.25" CPM-154 blade.
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    Fun Friday Sale! Delta 3V Flipper!!!!!!!!

    Well, at least I didn't get a page load error this time... Congrats to Panthera tigris!
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    SOLD, 20 Boot Daggers

    First time I've had a page load error from Bladeforums - killed my chance.
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    K18 Wow!

    Thanks - I figured that the pommel must have added a bit.
  18. moparsbob

    K18 Wow!

    So, the K-18 was originally spec'ed to be 2 lbs. 14 oz., but I don't think that included the updated pommel. Have any of you who have received one of these beauties happened to have put it on the scale?
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    Random Thought Thread

    I know that some places in Minnesota and Alaska have power outlets at each parking place so you can plug in your block heater while parked... After growing up in the lake effect snow belt in upstate NY, and then spending 10 years in Michigan, I moved to New Mexico to get away from those...