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    Huge Income Tax Refund Opportunity For 3/4

    That wakizashi is fantastic!!
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    Happy Valientine's Day !!

    Darn, missed the Waki ; (
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    Tamang knife for 11/28 -- Pix and Usual Steal

    Got mine today via Yangdu's time machine ; ) a top kukri for sure!
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    Sheath for the KLVUK

    Great job as usual bro, I'm glad you like it!
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    Tamang Knife for 11/29 -- Pix and Awesome Buys

    Another great looking batch!
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    Tamang knife for 11/28 -- Pix and Usual Steal

    Thanks for that pic my I'm gonna need one of those ; )
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    KLVUK First Impressions

    Got my second one today with a wood handle. I must say these are the best kukri I've handled in a while, Bura's tutelage is definitely present. Any kukri enthusiast that doesn't snap one of these up is missing out.
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    KLVUK First Impressions

    SCR, I agree with with you...the kuk looks and feels like a BAS with the forging left on. It actually fits in a spare BSI scabbard I had laying around.
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    Kukri's, TORA and HI -- BOTH STILL HERE!!!!!

    I'd like seconds on the Tora ; )
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    5 Rare Himalayan Imports Khukris

    Email sent on Kumar WWII
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    Ganga ram vs bonecutter ?

    This particular GR you crave has the characteristics of the Sgt. Khadka BC. Full tang and the high bevel edge are the points I'm refering to, most standard GR are stick tang and the edge isn't as deep. The current BC's that have been popping up should satisfy your craving and then some.
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    Four blems for 7/18

    The BAS looks like a major step forward imo. The butt cap is especially appealing. just wish it had the original scabbard and frog. Where's Bill ?
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    SPF Hand Forged Primative Bowie

    Message sent with a ?
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    Excellent review as always :thumbup:
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    Tribal Parang 2 in SOLD

    Another great chopper David :thumbup:
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    Forged Primitive Belt Knife SOLD

    Good stuff David, I especially like the handle :thumbup: