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    Watch/Knife/Flashlight EDC

    Can't go wrong with this combo...
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    Gifts for new firefighter

    Don't settle for a good multi tool, get the best, a leatherman wave... And here's another couple basic tools no self respecting firefighter should be without, a randall fireman special & g-shock...
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    Randall Fireman's Knife

    I get bad vibes when wielding this knife. As if the artisan was aiming for something much grander but didn't hit its mark, YMMV... IMHO, whether beating back flames in a towering inferno or feather sticking in the backyard, i recommend the Ray Mears Bushcrafter...
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    WARNING: GRAPHIC PIC! Cold steel lock failure! It cut off my finger!!!

    Oppps, my bad. Yes, Lynn is a dude, a dude with a predominantly female name...
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    WARNING: GRAPHIC PIC! Cold steel lock failure! It cut off my finger!!!

    i've sent her a link to this thread, everyone deserves a good laugh...
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    Spammers swarming the forums

    Yeah, five years old, long time for a slanderous post to survive on a supposedly responsible forum, but whatever. I just wonder had the thread lasted so long if the company in the title was an overpriced knife maker like Chris Reeves or similar. Almost time for my membership renewal, looks like...
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    Spammers swarming the forums

    i'm wondering if this attack is some sort of retribution aimed at bladeforums for allowing joke posts that are easily construed as slanderous such as this one:
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    WARNING: GRAPHIC PIC! Cold steel lock failure! It cut off my finger!!!

    LOL, i wonder if the folks at Cold Steel are lol'ing at the possibility of this joke causing them to lose sales if & when this pops up in someones search results, shit never dies on the internet. LOL...
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    Car window tinting

    100% of my rear windows have the factory tint, zero percent on the front windows...
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    Let's see your military/pilot styled watches!

    Time to resurrect this thread...
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    Kifaru packs?

    No load too big or small for the EMR II. It practically carries itself...
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    G-shock Why?

    Beauty be in the eye of the beholder. Just got mines, fresh off the boat...
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    Best factory Bushcraft knife?

    The artisan who sold me this knife told me in the right hands this knife could bushcraft circles around the competition. I've been too busy with work but any day now i'll be putting this knife to the test. In the meanwhile, on the rare occasion i entertain guests at the compound, the knife...
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    Silky Big Boy 2000 XL

    Great video review... Haven't gotten to use mines yet but will post back with the results soon as i do...
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    Flashlight options?

    Fenix E12, 130 lumens, 3 settings, uses on 1 AA battery, pictured here with the Bugout 535 for size comparison...
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    Work Boots