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  1. Bohica2u

    What does the term “LEGO” knife mean?

    Mr. super-secret-Delta-SEAL-ninja -warrior- worshipped -by-cucks-at-the- toxic-green-place-now. Yeah, Mickey....
  2. Bohica2u

    My first experience with cast iron.

    I inherited my grandfather's Griswold dutch oven he used at elk camps back in the 1930's. Nothing like homemade fried chicken.
  3. Bohica2u

    What watch do you wear?

    Vostok Amphibia 710 models on Borealis straps.
  4. Bohica2u

    Ball Bearing pivots actually weaker than PB washers?

    My gawd! How is the human race going to survive if we don't have roller bearings in our knives?!
  5. Bohica2u

    Knife question for US Military vets

    I still have a couple of these from the 80's.
  6. Bohica2u

    What is YOUR favorite knife?

    SW Battle Rat. Well, until I get my Ratmandu
  7. Bohica2u

    unusual giveaway ! benchmade !

    I'm in too!
  8. Bohica2u

    Pictures of Orange Knives

    Boyds, Washington huh? Grew up in Kettle Falls. :D
  9. Bohica2u

    What is the most beautiful knife on earth?

    I give this thread 5 stars! I would have to say the Randalls. Especially the Model 1's. I would be very happy with the Airman or #14's. These are on my bucket list for knives. I would (gulp) sell all the knives I own to have these three (but still have a folder :))
  10. Bohica2u

    Mini spec-ops?

    Bump! Bumpity Bump! This has gone on too long! Where is the Mini!?!?!?!?! :mad:
  11. Bohica2u

    Benchmade 860

    I just got two Bedlams in the mail yesterday. One for me and the other for my son. Absolutely love the knife.
  12. Bohica2u

    Recommendations for coast guard knife

    Welcome Fax! Well, for starters, what is your friend's rating and will she be on a boarding team? The boarding teams are usually well armed anyway and a knife for combat purposes is actually a low priority. There is a lot to choose from but I suggest a corrosion resistant finish. Cutting...
  13. Bohica2u

    Why do you hate Assisted Opening?

    The cons against the AO's I feel is unwarranted. The "too many moving parts", etc. really is a stretch. Years ago when semi auto pistols were becoming popular, the revolver guys were saying the same thing. Improvements in engineering (and ammo) in the semi autos improved reliabilty. I have...
  14. Bohica2u


    Ah geeze, now I want a Military! I want one in orange and one in titanium. But I just picked up a BM 581 Barrage last guys are killing me!
  15. Bohica2u

    Spark crossed a line

    Spark has made the point precisely. Uncle Sam spent the money to put a TRAINABLE person into a battalion, only to have him piss it away by going AWOL. Mick service is measured in days and months. Quite embarrasing. So yes, shit bag is the proper term in this situation.
  16. Bohica2u

    real life survival tools

    Evolute has pretty much summed it up. :thumbup:
  17. Bohica2u

    Space Blankets?

    Skammer, thanks for the link! The bag type of set up appears the way to go. In fact, using it as a bivy with a sleeping bag if the temps drop below the sleeping bag's rating.
  18. Bohica2u

    Mick Strider has some explaining to do.

    Grindhouse, you are starting to talk some shit now. You seem to have a fixation with me now. Why? I brought up that the DD-214 DID NOT match the other document in question concerning Micks service dates. Then you bring up an old post about me, again. THEN you make a roundabout stab...
  19. Bohica2u

    Mick Strider has some explaining to do.

    So Grindhouse, are you taking shots at me about my service? Kinda funny coming from someone who defends a liar. Keep trying. Michelle, you probably have the hots for me. Sorry, I'm married. Your little retorts are not supporting Mick here at all. Many, especially me, find it...