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    Anyone Use or Have Their Knives Sharpened with a Tormek

    Tormex should work fine. Belt sander works fine. Freehand works fine. All these methods have produced top quality knife and tool edges. The difference is the guy using it. Someone can freehand a knife into the trash can. And many have. That doesn't mean you will. And as far as subjective goes...
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    Straight Razor Issue

    m4s strenghts are its weakness imo. Most razor stones are softer than the tungsten and vanadium in it. Having said that its your baby! And do whatever floats your boat.
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    Straight Razor Issue

    Most favorite brand razors are plain ole carbon steel. I get 100 shaves on one.hone with clean linen and leather strop only. Which imo is more than adequate. I've honed some stupid hard razors in my day. I used a 4k(6 micron) diamond plate to set the bevels. And then up from there. I honed a few...
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    It can shave, but not slice a tomato????

    I use dmts. My slicers on a 325 dmt. My chopper I refine to 1200 dmt. I've used higher grits and didn't find it necessary.
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    How long I must soak these stones?

    Soakers are imo a pain. I knew a few guys who used to store their 1k king in water.
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    Chosera/nan/2k Here is "science of sharp" link. Whoever wrote it said that the dmt 1200 was his...
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    I didn't know it was your blog. Did you measure how fast a 120 grit diamond plate cuts? Surely you could use that as it's much faster. I am not the only one who has observed what I have been saying to you. I dont see your blog mentioned on the main razor forums either. Maybe they feel the same...
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    Facts? The micron size determines the depth of the cut. 15 microns divided by 2 is 7.5. from a dmt. From a stone is a different story. As the particles and binders are wearing constantly whereas there is no binder in the diamond plate. Just diamonds sticking up off the plate. You said a diamond...
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    The misinformation is the claim that you 1 or.2 microns after using a 15 micron "grit" diamond plate. Your count in strokes is extremely variable. How much pressure? What type of steel. Etc etc etc. I don't care what people use to hone with. But more aggressive means it cuts...
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    Right faster because it cuts more aggressively. Which is part of the problem with using a diamond plate. If you dont get that well I cant help you. (Ive honed several thousand razors in my lifetime). The court of popular opinion is almost unanimous with regards to the chosera 1k. You dont have...
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    Diamond plates inflict way more damage to an apex than.a chosera 1k. Because the particles are embedded in a unforgiving metal "bed" and there is no give. Now I'm not.saying you can't.use a dmt or atoma 1200. I have done so. The overwhelming straight razor community seems to find the chosera...
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    Which sizes of silicon carbide grits do I need?

    Sic powder is good.because it's cheap and it's a little.messy. you can use the 60 grit to flatten a stone. And I would use sic wet/dry sandpaper to finish it up. I dont find a high polish useful on a stone and stop at 600 grit. So I would get 120, 220 and 600. Adequate for me.
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    Recommendation? Lapping film or high grit stones for mirror edge on fixed angle sharpener?

    Nobody is born with the skills to freehand. It takes some practice. Before you get a mirror finish though you need to consistently sharpen a blade using one coarse stone. Regarding your question yes you can get a mirror finish using films. As far as stropping goes its the same thing. You will...
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    Stropping recommendations for kitchen knives

    Stropping is best at removing the foil edge you usually end up with. But light passes even on a 325 grit diamond plate will eliminate them to the point that they cut very well. I don't strop kitchen knives anymore.
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    Looking into grinder to sharpen

    Harbor freight works fine. How.often are you going to.use it? At first you may want to reprofile and repair damaged edges. Which you can do. But after that? I haven't used my belt grinder in a long time. I touch up my knives freehand. Unless your going into business for $50 or so you can't go...
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    Comparing two pull through sharpeners?

    Dmt card is nice. About the size of a credit card for on the fly sharpening. I keep the 325 in the truck. I also have a venez small 1200 grit for polishing.
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    Recommendation? Elmax sharpening

    I prefer toothy. Regardless of steel. So that's what I do.
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    Noob with Work Sharp Ken Onion edition sharpener

    I would take a.knife that I wouldn't mind trashing. And keep on a coarse grit until you get a bur on one side. Repeat on the other side. Finer grits create much smaller burs. So taking a knife to a higher grit will make it easier to get rid of the bur. It's a learning curve like anything else.
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    Storing natural material handles

    Horn can warp something fierce. I stored some straight razor blanks years ago. Store them flat with a brick on top is what I would do. Bone I.never had issues with
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    Question on Lapping Venev stones with SiC powder

    I have an ace hardware sic stone that is 60/80 grit two sided. I don't have a preference as to which side to use.