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    Let's see your CRK posing with scenery!

    Out for a little trail walking. Michael
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    Let's see your CRK posing with scenery!

    Clearing some trails this weekend. Michael
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    Post your CRK carry knife for today.

    Don't have the small 21 with me but the large 21 is in the right pocket and a BM940 in the left. The Pacific is in the truck in case larger tasks arise while I'm out and about. Michael
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    The Watches CRK People Wear...

    Both are great tools. Michael
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    The CRK Insingo Hangout!

    Large and Small 21's. Michael
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    SOLD: Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 Insingo

    Sorry, I think it sent it through the email tool. Michael
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    SOLD: Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 Insingo

    I'll take it. PM sent. Michael
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    Carry 2 blades?

    That's me too. Always like to have access to a knife if I'm already holding something in one hand or the other. EDC for me is ZT0350, BM940, Leatherman Squirt, Victorinox Alox, Surefire Titan, SureFire LX2, and a County Comm small Ti pry bar. Michael
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    Firearms picture thread

    All in one pic of a few of my favorites. Michael
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    What's the best BM AXIS and why?

    My vote goes for the 94x series - 941 is in my pocket now. I prefer it for EDC - the smoothest Axis lock of all my BM's. The aluminum handles can be a little thin for heavy cutting but my requirements for an EDC is a knife that will handle any tasks that may arise and still remain lightweight...
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    What's your favorite EDC?

    BM 941 - not too small, not too big. Michael
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    This will be my last post for a while..

    My sympathy and prayers for your loss and hope for strength in the days ahead. Michael
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    Removing BT2

    The best bet would be to bead blast the surface - if you are careful you will loose very little steel. If that is not an option, try acetone or methyl ethyl ketone. BT2 is most likely an epoxy or epoxy-phenolic coating which is highly cross-linked when cured. This is why it has such good...
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    Knives & Guns