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    Pocket knives at school for work

    I understand it's against the rules, but can you trust yourself to leave it in your car ? Is there any reason why the principle would want to search your car ? Surely they don't pick someone at random. I wouldn't want you to be expelled of course , but for crying out loud , it's getting a...
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    spyderco sharpmaker

    I bought a sharpmaker as a teenager and still use it. I agree freehand sharpening would be a worthwhile skill but the sharpmaker really isn't so far from freehand. And it works great
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    The Sunday Picture Show... (4-26-2015)

    The zip tie is like a free wave mod, on some knives with tip up carry you can hook your pocket as you take out your knife.
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    40 dollar budget

    I like the Rat 1. You could also find a Cold Steel Large Voyager. I recommend the vaquero plain edge.
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    The skills of our fathers.

    A man who owned a foreign car repair shop in my hometown wrote an Editorial to the paper. It told how in our edu. System if you don't do well in algebra or college prep classes, you are left out and destined to fail. It went on to say how the same people who pigeon- hole these "slow" kids take...
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    Titanium toothpick giveaway

    I'm in ! Striped is best.
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    Win a Koster Knives Scout knife - just pick a logo!

    I say D. The B and C that build off the letter k just don't pop.
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    We have a winner!! Lobster giveaway!

    Thanks Charles ! I don't have a pearl or a lobster.
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    Anybody else carry an illegal knife?

    What's funny is , I'd be willing to to bet if OSHA were in charge All knives would be lockblades AND one hand openers. For safety.
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    What are the first things you think of others that don't carry a knife?

    I haven't read every response , maybe someone already suggested this. When I see someone ,who as a rule doesnt carry a knife, I just figure their Dad or maybe lack of, didn't start them of carrying one. Doesn't mean that they are less manly or anything. They just can't cut stuff.
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    Rat 1 washer order

    I guess you mean Teflon next to the blade ?
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    Rat 1 washer order

    I've had my Rat1 apart and don't remember what order the bronze and Teflon washers go back
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    I just don't like this knife so who wants it? Giveaway

    Everything good comes from Germany.
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    Who among you has cancelled your cable tv, satellite tv, etc.?

    I quit paying $100 for satellite and just have high speed internet and netflix.
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    Beer and Blades!

    Nice photos ! And there is no beer in the house. May have to make a trip to the store. Do you think we could label some of these less obvious knives ?
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    Ontario Utilitac II - Best modern folding knife under $30?

    Paul , I usually just lurk, but I liked your reply. I'm not even going to say which blade I like better. Well said.