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    I have myself an X-ray vison and i will tell you that the tip may not be the most convenient to work with but it will work. The arc lock will just not fail, i've tried. It functions as well as the first time i opened it and carried it 2 months EDC and as my work blade. The arc lock is as...
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    Canada Post!!!

    A my mother's a supervisior for main plant in halifax canada post branch. I could tell you some outright horror stories.
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    WTT 2 Him Imports Kuks

    Would you consider a Ross rifle co. patent 1907 bayonet? Its been through its far share and has been modified, by who and when i don't know. Definetly still a strong blade. Email me at Reduxbruce @ hotmail dot com if interested.
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    Chitlangi in for trade forum.

    has to be the fattest cat i have ever known of, it wanted some attention at the time. what kind of khukuri to use on monster cats?
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    Chitlangi in for trade forum.

    BTT the stop with stats and pics.
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    WTT - Himalayan imports 21" chitlangi

    BTT with updated pics and stats stats oal = 21" blade length 15" handle length 6" thickness 1/2" width of blade 2" karda 5 3/4" oal chakma 5 1/2" oal wood has beed treated with oil soap since i have owned it, khk is double fullered sarge hunter and bill for size comparison, and...
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    Chitlangi in for trade forum.

    send email to [email protected] Got kinda close to the rules there, :footinmou
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    Chitlangi in for trade forum.

    very very tempting, will definetly mull it over. can you give a ballpark figure for it?
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    Chitlangi in for trade forum.

    Thanks for looking.
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    WTT - Himalayan imports 21" chitlangi

    hello all. I have a wood handled 21" chitlangi khukuri made by royal kami bura I'd like to trade. I've nicknamed her "Allison" and she weighs in at 28 ounces. khukuri and karda are slicing sharp Have had it since July 04. The mirror finish is lightly scratched from chopping but can be...
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    Thoughts On HI Purchases?

    chitlangi's are made up to 25" on special request or quick grab from uncle bill, i would guess the same for the gelbu specials, being the big guy you are it should fit right. welcome to the cantina
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    LED recomendations

    Hey all. I'm one of the local lurkers around most parts. Been giving myself a good run around on LED lights too (despite searching old threads and product pages). Can anyone recomend an LED pocket light with following criteria. -able to last up to 14 days lit -suitable for EDC -not...
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    Waiting Patiently for wood-handled SARGE knives

    maybe there will be more runs of these, seems like bura got it right the first time, no rejected "prototypes". I'll certainly participate
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    Waiting Patiently for wood-handled SARGE knives

    After owning one of the horn (stag horn with rough parts not smooth at all) and keeping it on belt everytime I leave my apartment, I just gotta get a few more of these. 2 wood and another horn sounds about right. I'm really attatched to it. The sheath seems almost too good to polish too.
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    Gurkhas and the Brits

    I didn't belive there were gurkha's in Iraq, can someone fill me in? I'd like to think they were actualy.
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    came across a really cool looking sword and was curious...

    A HI katana is standard equipment if you ever want to take over the world. A dune buggy helps too.
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    Advice rehandling chiruwa ak?

    If you have the time to search, using the keywords "tang" "ratail tang" or such will reveal a few pics of unhandled khuk's. Chiruwa's maybe not. i believe there is a foxy's folly tang pic floating in the forums. I imagine that there will be some laha epoxy on the handle, heating it up would...
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    Horn handled Sarge -- pix.

    Bill , I have sent you an email for my change of address. Cavendish Drive if it rings a bell.
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    07-21-2004 the orders were sent and the prototype so guess thats puts us 59 days into the process.
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    Some people naturaly have patience, some have patience thrusted on them. Sigh, Right there with you tho. Would love to know how it's coming along.