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  1. NSBchef

    Have you seen my book? My longshot.

    That’s a bummer, I hope the person who has it sees this thread and it finds it’s way back to you! Keep us posted if it does!
  2. NSBchef

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    The micarta on your 43 is so nice looking, it is becoming one of my favorite covers, more so every day.
  3. NSBchef

    Traditional and Modern pairings

    Yard work combo today. But more importantly, thank all of you that serve or have served, you are true heroes. My thoughts this weekend are with the family and friends of those brave men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice, paid the ultimate price whilst protecting our freedoms. God...
  4. NSBchef

    Vintage, used slips and traditionals: NOW $20 each

    I’ll take #7 Moore Maker wood lock back please. Thank you...
  5. NSBchef


    Seconds... ty
  6. NSBchef

    Custom Jess Horn slim spear

    Price? If it’s there somewhere and I’m just missing it I apologize in advance. Thanks
  7. NSBchef

    Account upgraded to gold

    @Spark Hi, can you please prorate the remaining value of my Basic membership to the Gold. Thank you! Cliff - NSBchef Ref. ID: 80A600564T010705R
  8. NSBchef

    Tidioute #73 Scout SOLD

    Oops, Thirds... thank you
  9. NSBchef

    The Case Barlow is BACK

    I don’t see that Case has a current run of the Barlow in CV? I figured they would at least do one in smooth yellow, if they did make one I can’t find it. I’d jump on a CV single clip blade Barlow in pretty much any scale. I am going to pick up a mini copperlock in CV just to see how it...
  10. NSBchef

    GEC #53 Painted Pony Cuban

    I’ll take it if still available. Thank you.
  11. NSBchef

    WTS: Spyderco Military S110V, Yojimbo 2

    I’ll take the 52100 Mili per our PM. Thank you Matthew.
  12. NSBchef

    JE Made Lanny's new sold

    I’ll take it! I’m on rd and will send funds today 6:15pm EST.
  13. NSBchef

    Feedback spamlike?

    Same thing is happening to me, I am finding it quite frustrating...
  14. NSBchef

    ...And a large Coke. GEC 97 Thread!

    Ebony piano keys? Or maybe they’re having Harry Connick Jr. In to sing and play the piano while they assemble?:D