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    Deals for 4/9 -- Pix, Villager dragon YCS, Seax and awesome buys

    Hello, I picked up the Sgt. Khadka Samsher from the 4/3/07 posting and this model is a must-have. Reminds me very much of the early 1900's antique blades I've handled, fast and thin-edged, scary sharp. This is my new "bump in the night", have it handy blade. Whoever gets this one will surely...
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    Deals for 4/3 -- Pix, Villager Dragon YCS Karda and more great buys

    email sent on the Sgt. Khadka's Samsher. My sharking skills have gone a bit rusty, but maybe I'll get lucky! Geoffrey
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    Leather on sale at Tandy

    Thanks, Guys, for the advice and the heads up! The Tandy in Jax must be new because the last time I checked there wasn't a store in northeast Florida. 30 miles is no big deal; I drive 40 miles each way to work. This will be fun! I haven't been to a Tandy store in decades. Cheers...
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    Leather on sale at Tandy

    Hi Dan, I need to buy some thin leather to cover a sword scabbard (2 to 4 oz?). Approximately how long are shoulders vs. sides and bellies? I need a strip about 6-7" wide and 34" long. Are shoulders long enough? Thanks!!! Geoffrey
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    Clearance sale for 1/26

    Whaddya mean DECOY? Where did you hide them????? I know they are there somewhere! Geoffrey
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    Ganga Ram!

    My Ganga Ram Villager arrived today from Yangdu's 1/09 posting (that's FAST!!!) and it is superb. This is my first Ganga Ram, and I can see why this is such a popular model. It feels so right! This one measures 16 3/8" with a 5 1/2" handle, and weighs a nice 25.5 ounces. The blade, handle...
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    Deals for 1/09 -- Pix, Sword, Villagers and more good buys.

    Hollowdweller, I must agree! Email sent on GRS! Geoffrey
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    Deals for 9/29 -- Pix and more good buys.

    Email sent on the Uncle Bill Especial :) Geoffrey
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    I'm Awed

    With some anxiety I opened up the box this morning for my 17” Foxy Folly. I am awed! This has to truly be one of Bura’s masterpieces! Incredibly light, perfect balance, amazingly beautiful and even rings like a bell. So well worth waiting for! I’m deeply thankful to everyone involved in...
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    22 more Foxy Folly's arrived

    email sent!!!! :D Geoffrey
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    Deals for 8/30 -- Pix and Awesome buys.

    email sent on the Villager Special. Geoffrey Huzzah! Thanks, Yangdu! :D
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    Yangdu's deals for 8/23 -- Pix and awesome buys.

    M43 gone, but I missed it! Congratulations to whoever the lucky owner is! Geoffrey
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    Yangdu's deals for 8/23 -- Pix and awesome buys.

    Plus it has a wood handle and my others are horn... gotta have it! email sent!!! :) Geoffrey
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    Yangdu's deals for 8/23 -- Pix and awesome buys.

    I already have two M43s so why am I looking at this one? Could it be the lovely curve of the handle? Or maybe it is because it's in the magic 26 oz. weight range. Someone buy this please!!!! Geoffrey
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    Two Fox Folly's arrived - prepaid list only

    Big Smile! :) These are going to be well worth the wait! Geoffrey
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    Yangdu's deals for 6/11 -- Pix and some big savings.

    I finally got by the post office to pick up my triangular box yesterday. What a knife! :D I went for this one because the lovely curve of the handle looked so “right”, and it does feel great in the hand. It came sharp out of the box so it started biting wood within 5 minutes after...
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    Yangdu's deals for 6/11 -- Pix and some big savings.

    I woke up! Email sent on the Master's M43. I'm hopeful but will be a bit suprised if it is still available. Back to bed... Geoffrey PS: It has found its home. Thanks, Yangdu! :)
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    Deals of the Day - 5/3 - 1 woodie, 3 hornies

    Ok, You can take a breath in between, but my God, four in three days!!!! Haven't had time to swallow yet.......... You guys.................(said with a smirk on her face, and a sigh, because she shall loves her Geoffrey so much!!!) Ok, one of the four was for me, but it is just a...
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    Deals of the Day - 5/3 - 1 woodie, 3 hornies

    The Chiruwa Ang Khola is really speaking to me, though I'm not sure if my wife Kimberly will forgive me for this... email sent! Geoffrey Thanks, Dan! (I'll now probably have to lay low for awhile... let the HIKV subside in my system... I broke one of my cardinal rules, which is...
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    Yangdu Clearance DOTD Specials Continue - 5/2 - Holy Toledo!

    email sent on #1 and #9! Geoffrey PayPal sent... Thanks, Dan!