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  1. ilbruche

    HI Picture Thread for Custom-Finish Blades

    AK bowie blued with Birchwood Casey Superblue. About 3 coats. 00 synthetic steel wool pads are about the best thing I have found for maintaining a khukuri finish. Not as harsh as a scotchbrite pad but not quite mirror polish either.
  2. ilbruche

    Show me your personalized khukuris

    Ganga Ram with stacked leather. Chiruwa AK with osage and leather.
  3. ilbruche

    Muskrat Man Camillus Electricians knife

    Didn't get the PM but this one is still available.
  4. ilbruche

    Muskrat Man Camillus Electricians knife

    This one has to go. Drop to $45 shipped.
  5. ilbruche

    Muskrat Man Camillus Electricians knife

    BTT and drop the price to $50 shipped.
  6. ilbruche

    Muskrat Man Camillus Electricians knife

    This is a Camillus Electricians knife customized by Muskrat Man. It has been reduced to a single blade and has denim micarta scales and filework. $55 shipped via USPS priority with delivery confirmation. First I'll take it gets it. Please make payment within 24 hours or I will...
  7. ilbruche

    Theft of HI Christmas Katana

    The best bet in this case is pursuing the Postal fraud charge. Sadly most police departments will do little if anything if the item value is under $1000. But since the item was shipped via USPS it is a Federal offense. Which also means a hopefully higher penalty for the thief.
  8. ilbruche

    BRKT Big Sky Camp Knife prototype

    Back up with price drop to $150.
  9. ilbruche

    Old Hickory Butcher Knife 6"

    You can hack it off easy with a Dremel. Just dip it periodically in cold water. Same thing with the belt sander. You have to get the blade really hot before you mess up the heat treat. As long as you keep it cool it isn't an issue.
  10. ilbruche

    Polished Becker Knives

    Pick up some aerosol paint stripper and you'll have it off in 15 minutes.
  11. ilbruche

    Ilbruche strikes again

    Glad the rig is working out for you. I have one sheath to finish and then I won't be taking any new orders for a while. I'll be doing some personal stuff but it will be spring before I start doing more sheath work.
  12. ilbruche

    HI Gigantic Bolo

    Holy cow! Who snagged that beast?
  13. ilbruche

    BRKT Big Sky Camp Knife prototype

    This one is still here. No trades at this time. Thanks.
  14. ilbruche

    BRKT Big Sky Camp Knife prototype

    Just sitting in the's gotta go. Handle is stabilized black ash. 12" OAl, 7" blade. 12C27 steel. $160 shipped...Paypal only please. Caveat. First "I'll take it" gets it. If you say you'll take it please make payment within 24 hours or I'll relist the knife.
  15. ilbruche

    Taurus Judge: Trail gun or self-defense?

    Where is Andrew Colglazier? He has a Judge....kills the coons with it.
  16. ilbruche

    What are your biggest knife turn-offs ?

    Some people are crazy. Me...I hate choils...and hype.
  17. ilbruche

    Kill a rat contest.

    We have a winner! Since the bugger escaped my secured trap twice before I rigged up two side by side and connected the triggers with nylon cord. No more gnawing for him. Now I just need a suitable reward for Frank K.
  18. ilbruche

    Neckers, Neckers, Neckers!!!!!!

    That is a smoking deal on these David. :eek: