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    The fall of Emerson Knives

    Wow, I hadn’t looked at Emerson’s for a while. They have gone up in price, like all the other brands. They don’t seem to have changed much though, same designs and materials. In fact the two I have are still part of the current lineup. I really don’t like either one all that much.
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    Why are Al Mar knives SO EXPENSIVE?

    Great old thread. It reminds me how good AlMars are. I shall be carrying one of my four AlMars each day this week. Nothing quite like them.
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    THE Hollow Handle Knife Thread

    Ed Martin has a video on his YouTube channel showing his new HH model. He is going to make 5ea to start. Price will be around $500. 5 1/2 “ blade.
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    Lionsteel ROK - New M390 Blade Lionsteel Solid Knife

    That clip is the first real innovation in years. All the old guard deserves to die. I am talking to you benchmade, zt/Kershaw, spyderco. Same old sh*t year after year. NO innovation. Lionsteel rocks.
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    RIP Charlie Mike

    Who posting conjecture? I am asking a question. Thanks for the answer. I figured it was something like that. Now I know.
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    THE Hollow Handle Knife Thread

    Just took my Martin MCE2 out for a while. I wish I would have ordered a couple other knives from him before he passed. I really can’t find anything else like them now.
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    RIP Charlie Mike

    If he died due to relapse we should know. If he didn’t, we should know. Denial is deadly. This ain’t no game.
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    Busse vs. Fehrman vs.Strider

    I bought a used Horton. I liked it, but not as much as the person who stole it from me. Lost two good folders last year also. Fehrman sold the tool and die company so, no more knives from them. Glad I got several when I did. Bad year for me and knives. Fallkniven MB next! That should cheer...
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    THE Hollow Handle Knife Thread

    Thanks, I was wondering how he is doing. I hope he fully recovers. In the meantime, I will keep my knife because there is really nothing else like it.
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    Fallkniven Modern Bowie

    I’ve been waiting for the Thor replacement. I will pick one of these up sooner or later.
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    THE Hollow Handle Knife Thread

    On a different subject; does anyone know if newt martin is back to making knives? Someone wants to buy my mce2 but I dont want to sell it unless I know that I can get another one later.
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    THE Hollow Handle Knife Thread

    Wow! Did use use a handgun to shoot the charging bears?
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    THE Hollow Handle Knife Thread

    No, don't miss it at all. The rpw design allows for easy hand placement over the top of the upper guard.
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    THE Hollow Handle Knife Thread

    Three things: 1-I like my RPW X46 better than my old CRK mountaineer. The oval/square handle is more secure and nicer to use than the round handle of the CRK. I really like this little knife. 2- The Martin MCE2 is holding up well for a HH. I would trust it in a survival situation at this point...
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    THE Hollow Handle Knife Thread

    I think Gaston is actualy Cliff Stamp....
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    The Stagnation of the Knife Industry - See page 3 post

    I find myself buying older models of knives that I never bought before simply because there aren't many new, original designs anymore. I am also re-buying some folders, that I used to have, simply because they were good, and different than what is currently being produced and designed. These are...
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    Knife Doldrums: I might have it bad

    Exactly! Liner locks need to make a comeback.
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    Do you EDC a Mega Folder?

    Nice. I wish I had bought one of those. Sounds great with a pocket clip! Anyway, I can't say that I edc this, but, it is pretty easy to carry since it is so thin and light. HTM MADD Max, 7". It carries much better than say, a Rukus. I have some much shorter pocket bricks that can really start...