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  1. Rick Marchand

    Making a dagger neck knife from a file,Questions

    Are you sure that's case hardening? File steel is shallow hardening.
  2. Rick Marchand

    camp knife vs survival knife vs hunting knife

    Ha!... this thread was revived from 2000, in 2015... then again in 2021. I'll see you folks in 2030? I realize you are new. Just a reminder that you cannot link to a personal website, without a paid membership
  3. Rick Marchand

    80CRV2 hardening fail

    You need to clear the slate with this particular steel. It was coarsely spheroidized. Bring it up to 1800-1900F no soak Cycle at 1500F, 2 times, no soak Quench from 1500 in AAA
  4. Rick Marchand


    Real knifemakers wrap their handles in dirty old shoelaces and call it, rustic :p My clients really appreciate the hemp wrap, soaked in marine epoxy. After a light sanding, it has the feel of bead-blasted micarta and actually gets tackier when wet. Even the wood handled knives I make get a...
  5. Rick Marchand

    Belt Life

    Of course, you have the option to use a fresh belt every knife but what Natlek says here is worth quoting. I have been doing this for 17 years and only just realized I had been running my ceramic belts(especially low grit) too slowly @3200 SFPM. I adjusted my machine to its max of 4600 SFPM and...
  6. Rick Marchand

    52100 quench time and oil temp?

    It looks as though 52100 finishes martensite conversion above 200F. I wonder if there are RA(retained austenite) issues that allowing it to cool further would mitigate?
  7. Rick Marchand

    Issues with a Grizly grinder

    Don't do the electrical tape thing. The grizzly will track fine if it’s tuned properly. Keep in mind, they are not a TW-90, Bader or a Northridge. Take a file to the edges of the drive wheel, as it states in the setup instructions. There are also fine tuning adjustments that need to be made to...
  8. Rick Marchand

    DIY sword tempering oven

    Sorry, I need to ask... by "tempering" you mean the process AFTER hardening, right? I take it you have something to harden your swords in already? Forge, salt pot, high temp oven? Some people use "TEMPER" as an all-encompassing term for heat treating... which it is not. Tempering is only one...
  9. Rick Marchand

    Propane forge issue

    The only thing that could make LP leak out is if his bottle is laying on its side... or upside down.
  10. Rick Marchand

    What grinder are you running and how could it be improved?

    Grizzly G1015 - probably the cheapest, simplest, most limited 2x72 grinder out there but it does everything I need it to do.
  11. Rick Marchand

    Imitation and Flattery

    They look very different to me. I mean the elements are similar but the look is distinct. I don't think this was intentional, nor is it anything to worry about. Edited to add... Dan, I did a search and can't find a knife of yours with a maker's mark. His knives aren't marked either. Is your...
  12. Rick Marchand

    **SOLD**Quartermaster Santoku

    SOLD... thanks
  13. Rick Marchand

    **SOLD** Crooked Knife, Unique Woodworking Tool

    Crooked Deal. Bent or Crooked knives have both a flat and curved surface. This makes them useful in many applications of woodcarving. Being double-sided, it is good for push and pull cuts as well as being completely ambidextrous. For more leverage, you can place your thumb on the end of the...
  14. Rick Marchand

    **SOLD**Quartermaster Santoku

    The Quartermaster. Veggies and chickens, beware! This one has a bit of weight to it... I was considering keeping it. Hurry... save me from myself! Available $400 52100 steel 11.25” overall 6.5” cutting edge 1/8” thick, distal taper Maple handle, copper ferrule Black epoxy cap $400, shipped N.A.
  15. Rick Marchand

    Soak Time When Heat Treating

    DO NOT PUT THE BLADES IN THE OVEN TO HEAT UP TOGETHER. You will overshoot by hundreds of degrees every time, guaranteed. Even with a slow ramp up program. ALWAYS allow the oven to equalize at your desired temperature, before putting them in. Quickly but safely put them in and once the readout...
  16. Rick Marchand

    Off Topic How many of you are full time makers?

    Full time since 2007. I feel younger than @Don Hanson III ;p Rick
  17. Rick Marchand

    Marchand Madness

    Pretty sure its Lorien's leg... that much time in the forest changes people. Although I might be going out on a limb with that one.:D
  18. Rick Marchand

    Marchand Madness

    OMG... you are still alive!? lol... :p… hope you are well, bud... no "strings" attached.