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    Diff'rent Style Padam Suga Knives for 7/14/14

    I can't see the photos!!!!!
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    Are wood handles on kuks sealed or raw?

    That is a beautiful job. I need to get some of that oil!
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    Fist, i'm no a nostalgia craze. First it was knives, then canvas rucksacks, lever-action rifles, and now onto tomahawks. That said, not sure its so much nostalgia as it is appreciation for products that just don't wear out or brake. So with that in mind, what are people experiences with...
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    HI Everest Katana and Tibeten Sword for 6/30

    I think i might bite...
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    Lever Actions!

    [email protected] Ted! Not only do you have far too many beautiful knives (and swords) from HI, now you're going to show us all you're pretty guns too? Some people have all the luck...
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    Lever Actions!

    Hoping to pick one up. Trying to narrow it down to a calibre but am having much difficulty.... Looking at Marlin's primarily, though there's a few others in the mix. Trying to decide between 30-30 and .44 I will be hunting almost exclusively deer. There may be the opportunity to go for...
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    Some facts about Himalayan Imports ( for those that don't know)

    Ronin, if you can't find your wallet it's probably because your wife hid it because you were buying to much stuff from HI :)
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    Somebody stabbed me

    ... Careful with stitching. If the wound is deep, you DO NOT want to stitch or staple as you trap potential pathogens in the wound resulting a a horribly infected abscess. In this case, you are better off either seeking medical attention as you will need stitches at different depths, which...
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    Huge Income Tax Refund Opportunity For 3/4

    Mazing Waji. Might need to go for it later tonight,
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    Deals for 2/11 --Pix, Bashpati, Wajaski Sword and Great Buys

    ... I may be sending an email for the Waki by the end of the night. Just need to find the money....
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    Deals for 1/23 -- Pix, Bonecutter and Bashpati

    If that Bashpati isn't gone by the end of the day I might have to jump on it. Absolutely stunning. Just when I think I have all the khuks I need another one comes up that takes my breath away. Amazing.
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    Christmas Sale for 12/10

    please let more katana's come!
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    Tamang knife for 11/28 -- Pix and Usual Steal

    .... Those went far quicker than I was expecting. Hope some more come up! Sitting on the fence was a bad idea with that set...
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    My Father Needs Surgery

    Smoke up
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    Why curved not straight?

    Might as well continue to weight in on this :) 1) Curved blade on the Khuk's is curved forward. In addition to what others have mentioned this means that you actually continue to accelerate through the swing after contact due to the earlier point of contact. Try hitting a tree with a machete...
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    HI Sword Sets

    The HI Katana (like objects) are beautiful.... The Waki's are beautiful. I am curious - is there any reason they have not previously been sold as a set of two, constructed to match each other? I would love to one day own both an HI Kat and Waki, howver as they never appear together there's...
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    HI Flute

    Doug Tipple makes various PVC pipeing flutes, his website lists fingerings and some easy music pieces (all free). Enjoy! I'd be curious to know what the tuning is on the HI one (cover all the holes and see what a tuner says when you blow.)
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    HI Flute

    I really need to get me one of those flutes. I thankfully am musically inclined, played the flute for years :D So here is some advice for those who just picked one up and are wondering how to play First, It is not like the clarinet or recorder. Haven't played either in a long time so i...
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    RajKumar's Nepali Tarwar for 7/6

    I am still a penniless college student and have expanded my collection to... 4. Plus one for the girl. So 5. And i still need a Tarwar.... must... resist.... that is beautiful piece!
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    Nuwakot Khukuri

    Absolutely beautiful. Looks even better in the Gelbu sheath!