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    General Update #2

    How do we go about getting one if we weren't on the original list?
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    Another Monster Khukuri by Lachhu

    Wow that's quite a beast!
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    My Birthday Special Offerings

    Happy birthday!
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    Huge Income Tax Refund Opportunity for 3/10

    Still no m43... fingers crossed
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    Ram Kumar Panameary Knife

    Wow that's amazing work right there!
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    Weekend Special

    Looking great! Big pics are good!
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    Valentine's Day Gift

    Awesome offers! That Tamang is just fantastic!
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    L-3 and Wajaski Sword for 2/5

    Love that Bowie!
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    Finally went for the Gold.

    Let's see some then!
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    Deals for 1/19 -- Pix, Ram Lal MMB, Baby WWII and Beautiful offerings

    That baby WWII is a right beauty! Love the minis!
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    R-Series Knives

    Love that! Haha!
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    R-Series Knives

    Offer withdrawn on the 9, a little much when postage to uk is added on, im still saving for my m43!
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    R-Series Knives

    Query sent on r-9
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    Mysterious Kniife

    I'd be interested to hear how the WWII AK performs!
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    End of the Year Clearance sales for 12/30

    Ah bummer, I'm waiting for DOTD as £55 quid postage to the UK and then fees up to £50 from customs, it adds on a lot to the price unfortunately :(
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    End of the Year Clearance sales for 12/30

    Im on it batman
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    End of the Year Clearance sales for 12/30

    What's the third pic down? Isn't that an M43? It's not listed?
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    Start the New Year Right with New Knife

    Great and practical looking knife there! My money's set on an M43 if you sharks don't get it first on a DOTD!