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    Great 1st Knife for Son?

    I bit my nails as a kid, except for my left thumbnail. I kept it intact for opening the blades/tools on my Swiss Army Knife. A slip joint knife is best for a new knife user, in my opinion, because it helps a new user learn safe knife handling. Locks are great but they can conceal bad habits...
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    Benchmade Griptilian / Mini Grip: Still Essential?

    The older Ritter mini Grip is my only Benchmade that I bought for myself. It is very nice and if I needed one today I’d get the Hogue/Ritter. Mostly Spyderco’s are what call to me, but I deeply respect the Griptilian line for being a quality folder at a fair price.
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    Sharpening, if you combined all you now know, what would you tell yourself if...

    Coarse bench stones are fast and efficient for reprofiling and repairing damage. Also, don’t leave the coarser grit until you reach the apex. I used to move too soon to higher grits; I learned better.
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    Waved Paramilitary 2: The knife I didn't realize I've been waiting for

    It makes sense that the waved factory Spyderco Delicas, Enduras, and now the PM2 are saber ground. When a FFG blade is cut down to create a wave hook, the already lightweight blade becomes even lighter. This makes waving it out to full lockup more difficult because the blade has too little mass...
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    My Manix 2 Maxamet Just Snapped !!

    It is well known here that performance while cutting is the primary objective at Spyderco. Designing a blade to withstand much larger loads is easy. Doing that while preserving performance is not at all easy.
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    What's up with the Cold Steel "Drop Forged Hunter"?

    52100 is a great simple steel. I have a Kramer Santoku in 52100 that is a laser, incredibly thin behind the edge. It is stable in thin edges, can be run pretty hard.
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    What are your favorite brands?

    Spyderco, Victorinox, Randall-made. There are others, but I’ll stop there.
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    M390 or CPM S30V

    Both are good, and I prefer M390.
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    When is a Detent too Weak?

    When it opens in your pocket, it’s too weak.
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    Just USE the damn knife...

    Yeah, I remember when Matt first got on his waving kick and he waved a Sebenza. Fearless enthusiasm! I was impressed.
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    Spyderco's Super IN HOUSE designs

    Hi JD, I love the Temperance 2, the Delica, Stretch, PM2, Manix LW, and Matriarch.
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    Spyderco's Super IN HOUSE designs

    I, too, add my name to the list of people here whose favorite Spyderco knives are in-house designs.
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    Is it just me?

    That’s exactly what I did. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Still blocked today.
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    Is it just me?

    I just cleared cookies on Mobile Safari and it still blocks me, says the site isn’t secure.
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    Recommendation? Best Folding Knife for Filleting Fish and EDC??

    The Spyderco 6” utility kitchen knife is good and not too expensive. The blade is very thin but not just for filet work; it’s an all purpose shape. The molded plastic handle has texture for good grip when wet or slimy. They don’t sell a sheath for it. Cleaning fish guts out of a folder is...
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    RIP Charlie Mike

    I’ve been away, just seeing this now. So sad to lose Matt, but pleased he kept his sobriety, a major victory in his life, for five whole years. He was able to move on from a rough past to become a creative force in the field he loved, another life win. Godspeed to his soul.
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    Knife for dress pant carry?

    I seldom clip carry in dress pants. The Spyderco wire clips are kinder to fabric than the stamped clips are. If you’re wearing a jacket the clip is concealed by the jacket. Even more discreet, and easy to access from a seated position is clipped to shirt pocket or inside jacket pocket. For the...
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    Ugly Knives? Useless Knives? That's Nothing ...

    What the falcon??? I see no use for this thing except as absurdist performance art.
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    Why Cold Steel is Brittle

    That is some skill right there. Working from a mirror you have to retrain your brain to process the visual input backwards.