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  1. GermanyChris

    Sebenza thumb studs are good

    I don't like the thumbstud on my 21 and got it replaced, I ordered a 31 on Monday I'll use it as is for a bit but I expect it'll go to REK to get a new one also.
  2. GermanyChris

    How bad have you been infected? As bad as me?

    I've never felt the need to own "all the knives" backup, stash in the Jeep etc. is money spent that could be spent elsewhere.
  3. GermanyChris

    Tanto Blades?

    I like tantos because I can use the front edge for scraping
  4. GermanyChris

    Yardstick? No thanks, I've got a Bowie.

    I'm a Floridian that likes the snow I hate winters where it just pisses rain with grey skies. When there is snow I can at least drag out the skies or show shoes and entertain myself. I feel Alaska calling me so next time I head back to the states I'm going to try to head there or the plains.
  5. GermanyChris

    Lighter AD10

    It rides in my handlebar bag on my bike it's great for that purpose. I can always find a use for knife my XM rides in the Jep because it doesn't cut well, the relief cut tears up my pants, and it's another brick but works great at the camp site and digs well. I may try the ultimate hunter and...
  6. GermanyChris

    Lighter AD10

    i like my Code 4 too but it’s just a bit to thin
  7. GermanyChris

    Lighter AD10

    While my AD10 hasn’t replaced my Sebenza I’m starting to carry it more but it has a distinct weight problem. What does Cold Steel make that has the same quality feel but is not a brick. I do want liners and G10 but blade shape and price aren’t a concern, I’ve searched all the big name sites as...
  8. GermanyChris

    Why are you fascinated with knives?

    Cars are fascinating, bicycles are fascinating, knives are neat but not fascinating
  9. GermanyChris

    Can a big blade replace a hatchet/axe?

    I suppose a big enough knife could but why?
  10. GermanyChris

    Edc knife rotation

    Knife Art Sebenza insingo
  11. GermanyChris

    Edc knife rotation

    Whats to tell?
  12. GermanyChris

    Edc knife rotation

    I’ve pretty carried the same knife every day for the last 4 years
  13. GermanyChris

    If you were to go to war today, which knife would you take with you?

    Every other time I went to war I carried an AFO, I’d carry the same thing this time.
  14. GermanyChris

    Flag colored knife handles?

    It's to easy to over the tasteful line with stuff like that.
  15. GermanyChris

    Designated Political Arena constructive criticism & suggestions for improvements thread

    This place is fairly small and certainly niche so unless your hosting company has sent warning I don't think de-platforming is much of a concern. If the changes are to better the politics section it could probably use more mods at least temporarily once the national transition has happened and...
  16. GermanyChris

    3rd Gen Mnandi is dropping.

    That would explain why non-Damascus Mnandi’s are hard to find
  17. GermanyChris

    High end knives

    While I like my Hinderer the blade is just to fat to cut well which is why it stays in my Jeep and not my pocket
  18. GermanyChris

    Straighten me out on Boker knives

    Germany isn’t monolithic I get mine from the states to because it’s cheaper
  19. GermanyChris

    Straighten me out on Boker knives

    I have yet to find a shop where I can’t buy a German Böker but they’re not in the window.