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  1. Mtneer

    Benchmade Super Freek

    The Super Freek was a bit large for my use, so I just picked up the mini and I’m letting this one go. It was carried very little but does show some minor wear on the clip and blade coating, otherwise it is in great shape. The blade has the factory edge and is very sharp. Come with the original...
  2. Mtneer

    Benchmade Bugout, Mini Freek, Barrage

    I’ll take the Mini Freek
  3. Mtneer

    Spyderco, Benchmade and Victorinox

    I’ll take the Victorinox Spartan Lite
  4. Mtneer

    WE, Rike, ZT

    Clearing out some room in the case. ZT562CF - sold Rike 1504B - sold WE 601 - the only call out is that the tip does not come to as fine a point as it should. See pic. Comes with the original box, pouch, extra gold hardware and WE star tool. Factory edge. Not sure...
  5. Mtneer

    Snakewood Mnandi - Halloween DOB

    Selling my CRK Mnandi in snakewood. It had been carried and sharpened. There are some light hairline marks on one side of the blade. The lock up is solid and the blade is centered and the action is very smooth. $325 shipped in the USA.
  6. Mtneer

    TRM Neutron

  7. Mtneer


    No DOB card or box. Just the knife.
  8. Mtneer

    TRM Neutron

    My email is bperoni.home (at) gmail (dot) com
  9. Mtneer


    Withdrawn. I found the box and docs so I will repost later with updated info
  10. Mtneer

    TRM Neutron

    Three Rivers Neutron. In very good condition with box, extra o rings, and sticker. Red / Black carbon fiber scales, blade is DLC coated with a unique almost mirrored black finish. Smooth action, solid lock up, and good centering. TRADED Only trades would be a BM Super Freek, and or a Manix 2...
  11. Mtneer

    Pro-tech Sprint

    Pro-tech Sprint with CF insert. Fires hard. Some light marks on the clip, otherwise in great condition. No box. Please IM question or email to bperoni.home (at) gmail (dot) com $old The other knives are listed in the folding knives section.
  12. Mtneer

    Microtech Socom, ZT, Rike

    Clearing out some of my collection to cover some costs. Please do not post in the thread unless you are claiming a knife. Send questions via IM or email at - bperoni.home (at) gmail (dot) com Microtech Socom. Lightly carried but not used. It is in great condition and you’d be hard pressed to...
  13. Mtneer

    Shirogorov Cannabis TNK

    This is the original Prototype of the TNK Cannabis. I bought this directly from TNK and have communication from Neil at TNK. The knife is in very good condition and has never been carried or used for cutting. It is truly a safe queen used for admiring and flipping only. It was not part of the...
  14. Mtneer

    Wilson Custom Knives - rasp

    Thanks for the offer but I never seem to use my fixed blades which is why I am parting with this one.
  15. Mtneer

    ZTs, WE Pleroma, Rike,CF Bugout, Arcform

    The lock up is good. I have the pivot adjusted just a hair on the loose side which allows the blade to drop free very quickly.