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  1. jdm61

    Steel recommendation - finest edge with simple HT

    Gee. 1500/400 works well? Color me shocked. ;)
  2. jdm61

    It is great to have friends!

    That was one big ass hippo!!!!!
  3. jdm61

    Damascus and rosewood burl EDC

    Still here
  4. jdm61

    Track down 9260?

    Admiral sold 1 x 1/4 round edge bar as 5160 alternative. The rest of their sizes were actually 5160.
  5. jdm61

    Damascus and rosewood burl EDC

    Thank you, kind sirs
  6. jdm61

    Damascus and rosewood burl EDC

    Better representation of the actual color of the wood.
  7. jdm61

    Damascus and rosewood burl EDC

    3.7 long by .135 180 layer random pattern 1084/15N20 damascus drop point EDC. Giuard is made from blade material and the handle is old growth Honduran rosewood burl. Comes with a Treestump leather pouch sheath. $175 including Pay Pal fees and USPS Priority Mail to the CONUS.
  8. jdm61

    WEN Wet Stone Sharpener Review

    Cool. So is he major difference between the Tormek and these clones the price point? Do pretty much all of them accept the Tormek accessories?
  9. jdm61

    EDC and hunter fire sale.

    Overall length of the knife is a hair over 7.75 inches. Length of knife in the sheath is about 8.3
  10. jdm61

    Off Topic A big thank you to all of you guys

    Ben, what is the current situation with the Dalbergia species?
  11. jdm61

    Off Topic A big thank you to all of you guys

    Yeah, man. Chemistry degree, lots of fragrant packages from tropical countries.Sounds like drugs to me.:p
  12. jdm61

    EDC and hunter fire sale.

    Actually, there is no fire, just smokin' prices. Call now.Operators are standing by. :D 4 inch full tang hunter .170 thick forged Cru-Forge V blade 60Rc, tapered tang, mustard "raindrop" patina, stabilized amboyna burl scales with ss Corbys, Treestmp Leather pouch sheath. SOLD PENDING RECEIPT...
  13. jdm61

    AMK 75 vs Tormek t4

    But that is kind of like a guy asking about the BMW 310 motorcycle and you telling him that he should buy the 1000RR. His experience is not your experience. :D i have been making knives fro 13 years and I still don't trust my KMG for sharpening.
  14. jdm61

    The 1075 eBay bandit strikes again

    Thats a good question. And if this is a long term trend, does our friend from Joisy maybe need to talk to someone else in German like Achim Wirtz?
  15. jdm61

    AMK 75 vs Tormek t4

    LOL. Are knife makers the only people who seem to be incapable of answering a question as presented, or is it more common, but we are just better at it. :p There are a couple of recent threads on here from like 2018 where people talk about the AMK 75 and I am sure that you can find quite a bit...
  16. jdm61

    Dewar Question

    When I was looking a couple of years ago, it was tough to find one with a neck larger than 2 inches or 50mm, which is 1.96. Jarod's 2.16 incher would be a 55mm. I have seen a handful bigger than that, maybe up to like 2.5 inches which would be perfect for most of our needs, even big kitchen...
  17. jdm61

    The 1075 eBay bandit strikes again

    Yo strike me as a solid guy and I understand your reluctance to name names, but think about it this way. How much did this cost YOU? $20 plus minimum in revenue just for this one little "experiment?" Even though the other two blades from the same bar hardened, would you expect your customer to...
  18. jdm61

    Where's Mete?

    Dang. I hope he is okay.
  19. jdm61

    John Deere Mower Blade Steel?

    JohnDeere supposedly uses very good steel for their equipment,but different steels for different applications. What Have heard ishat the steel that they use fo rtheir output shafts some of the best 5160 made. Soti would be worth your time to find out what else they might use.
  20. jdm61

    Deba Recommendations - Steel and Knife

    Snapper is not an exceptionally hard fish to clean. Do you want a deba because you want a deba or because you feel that you need one?