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    Newbie looking for help identifying Beatty broad axe

    The Axe Tomahawk and Hatchet forum would be the place for that. Since they will probably want to see pictures. You will want to go here and read up on how to post pictures. You have to be a paid member to attach pictures. Since...
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    So I went to the thrift store today ....

    When I clean up knives similar to those, I start with a brush and hot soapy water. Then I go to wet dry sand paper, used wet, and possibly soapy. 220 to 320 grit maybe 400. I generally work by the kitchen sink so that it is easy to rinse the knife off and see my progress. I'll fold the sandpaper...
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    Buck 119 in s 30v rosewood edition custom vs 119 in s35 vn micarta scale, which one to buy,price is about same???

    I liked a nice wood handle. So I would get the one with the rosewood handle. S30v and S35vn are both great steels. I have a 110 in each. I have and used both, and have yet to find a reason to prefer one over the other. It is pretty hard to go wrong with either steel. O.B.
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    Identifying hardwoods, US and Foreign. For knife handle scales.

    The site has some good articles on wood identification. O.B.
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    Let's see your 100 series family photo's

    Thanks David. It didn't look as handsome when I first got it. But that made it more affordable. Some wet dry sandpaper, mineral oil and a little elbow grease, took care of the abuse. O.B.
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    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    I went through the other thread last night. If my count is right, we are up to 590 knives requested. That is through post 378. O.B.
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    Let's see your 100 series family photo's

    My meager collection of 100 series fixed blades. O.B.
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    2 layer 84 vs 91mm

    I like the small tinker better than the large tinker. I'm not really sure why, but I do. But I like the 85mm S111 better than either tinker. It has a locking main blade and a clip point secondary blade. It also has a locking feature on the large flat blade screw driver, that is designed to...
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    New Knife Company- Jack Wolf Knives

    All I see is single blade knives. I prefer my slip joint knives to be multi blade knives, like stockman, congress, and whittler patterns. O.B.
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    $447.00 Micarta 112

    Passing the time, shouldn't be a problem. It usually takes more time to find the good knife at a bargain, than it does to find one that is over priced. And some times the bargain one needs a little cleaning up to make it nice. That will pass even more time. :D O.B.
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    Help identity please

    What the book says about the R3903 Pattern: stock pen Blade(s): clip & spey Handle: bone Shield: crest Length closed: 3 7/8" I like @Arathol 's name better than the books, but whatever you call it. It seems a match from what I can see. With the exception that the picture in the book is jigged...
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    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    So you should be hoping it's some version of your least favorite Buck. Then you won't be tempted to break probation, and land yourself in Buck jail.:D O.B.
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    SAK notch uses - video.

    No. The hook is for pulling out the hot, wire rack in my toaster oven, at work, so that I don't burn myself, getting the burritos, I just heated in it. O.B.
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    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    You have to be a paying member to be able to add an avatar. Other perks for paying members are the ability to send and receive personnel messages, add pictures directly as attachments, and sell. It's all up there at the top under paid subscriptions. O.B.
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    pdf of hapstone r2 lite quick start guide?

    It's not a PDF, and I don't know if it covers what you are looking for. But Gritomatic has this on thier web page. If that isn't what you want , I would suggest emailing @Gritomatic and seeing if...
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    Need older Buck 501 blade

    I think you are probably looking for a needle in a haystack. Probably your best chance to find one is to look for a knife with a good blade and abused or broken handle. I think those are likely more rare than knives with abused or broken blades. If you do find one, it likely that Buck would do...
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    Buck 110 etched tang stamp date

    In the last part of 2020. Probably the last quarter, But I can't say for sure the exact date. Buck started offering a web exclusive 110. Black Crelicam ebony handle, S30V clip point blade. I picked one up as a spare, since I already had basically that same knife. I just looked at mine. it has...
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    2018, 2019, 2020 BOTM list

    Yes it gives qty made, but not month made. Here is what I know. 2018 Dec. 112, Africa ebony handle, S30v blade, 250 made. 2019 Jan. 501 squire, Stag handle, S35VN blade, 150 made. June 110, aluminum take apart frame, Red Micarta inlay, 420HC blade, 205 made. Sept. 110...