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    Lost my TG today

    Huh, that is both sad and annoying. I lost my ten years old, loved EDC Victorinox Bundeswehr in the same situation. Never put anything on the car. This was an expensive tuition fee. Sorry to hear. Do You often go there? I hope next time You will find it. I wish You that to happen.
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    SOLD Reduced Carothers HDFK

    I like it. Some cash + a Busse Leaner Meaner Leprechaun Edition + a Rowe Leather sheath? What do You think?
  4. Mauser1916

    Jacklore Classic - Sold

    Sold - Thank You Bladeforums.
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    WENGER World Scout New Ranger 55

    WENGER World Scout New Ranger 55 (I have two of them.) - brand new knife in brand new box - the box was opened only once, I've checked the knives after buying - the knives are in EUROPE - Payment via PayPal - 195 USD each + shipping First "I'll take it." wins.
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    Jacklore Classic - Sold

    Jame, it (Jacklore) is yours. Where should I ship it? It is important to know to calculate the shipping costs. Please, drop me a line to [email protected]
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    Jacklore Classic - Sold

    Here was a folder, it is moved to a relevant thread.
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    Jacklore Classic - Sold

    I offer a brand new Jacklore Calssic for 415 USD + shipping. The knife is in EUROPE. Payment via Paypal. (PayPal fee is mine.) - brand new (Sandy put some grease on the blade. That is on it.) - O1 tool steel - 4 mm thick blade (0.1574 inch) - tapered tang - stabilised English yew wood scales...
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    Jerry, it's time. Please release the TGLB LE !!!!!

    The TGLB fuller, that doesn't leave me alone. So....I need still the TGLB LE...
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    It is TGLB. Sure.
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    TGULB No Regrets

    Thank You for the correct, precise citation. Drunken proclamations... Great! Thanks. :thumbsup: This is my lifebuoy....till TGLB LE arrives.
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    Have TGLB prices come down after TGULB release?

    Yes, they are definitely cheaper now. If someone is thinking of buying one, now, this is the perfect time.
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    TGULB No Regrets

    If I remember well, Jerry said that TGULB was the last TG type they release. Anyhow, I still hope we will see TGLB LE one day. I pray for it.
  14. Mauser1916

    TGULB No Regrets

    Don't do that. You will regret this. TGLB is the best of all TG, and has the most beautiful fuller...and I have to say its handle is more comfortable than TGULB handle.
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    If you are willing to ship to EU, I will take/buy it. Of course, shipping costs are mine. I'd like it because its green liner.
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    Leaner Meaner Street Leprechaun + trading option /Jacklore 3 mm/

    I offer a Leaner Meaner Street Leprechaun Edition with Rowe's Leather Sheath. (saber grind - green blade - green linen micarta handle) Unused, brand new. 375 USD + shipping - (PayPal fee is mine) It is in EUROPE. PayPal is accepted. I ship to USA, of course. Trading option welcome...
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    Leaner Meaner Street Leprechaun / trading options too

    TGLB is SOLD. Thanks to the Buyer and thanks to BladeForums. Leaner Meaner Street Leprechaun is still for sale.
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    Leaner Meaner Street Leprechaun / trading options too

    Both are uncarried, unused, brand new blades. TGLB came straight from Busse Company (I'm first owner), Leaner Meaner Steet from here, the BF forum. They are in EUROPE. PayPal is accepted. I ship to USA, of course. Trading option welcome: Jacklore (4 mm); orig. Woodlore (4 mm) #1 Leaner...
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    Price check - Sarsquatch, War Boar

    There was one brand new SARsquatch CG with leather sheath for 675 here not long ago. If the beautiful leather sheath costs 100, then the knife is about 575.
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    TGLB Black&Tan, SWATmandu (**SOLD**), Leaner Meaner Street Leprechaun from EUROPE + trading options

    400 USD? With sheath and with shipping? I say no. Only the shipping costs about 44 USD (40 EUR) to Germany with tracking and insurance. 19 EUR without insurance, but then the risk is not mine. It may be nearly the same to NL. Please, write an e-mail address, or send a private massage. Thank...