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  1. Sigp210

    Assistance with dating and sheath matching please

    Agree :-) Melvin-Purvis, thanks. Do you perhaps have a pic of what it would have originally looked like? I assume you are saying the carbon steel one is the earlier knife?
  2. Sigp210

    Assistance with dating and sheath matching please

    No markings. I think this is called a rough back? But I am not sure. Thanks.
  3. Sigp210

    Assistance with dating and sheath matching please

    Hi all, and thanks for the chance to probe your knowledge. Big Randall fan in South Africa. Only own a handful, but this week I managed to pick up to more from a small collection. Unfortunately the humidity at the coast wasn't good for the carbon blade. Staining, feels smooth though. Stainless...
  4. Sigp210

    Katana Identify Help

    Ed is good people. Always get good comments about him, if you are looking for a good deal that is one of the places to check out (he posted his link to Darcy (Yuhindo) is way up there. When you are buying at that level, you know you are in good hands and buying the best. Also a great...
  5. Sigp210

    Japanese Katana?

    Replied on other post. Mass produced Showato that is fatally flawed. Seki smith. One of the many wartime smiths.
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    Rarest CRK You Own

    You are lucky that is a serial #4 Stephen. As the owner of 4 x serial #5's,....all #5 early knives are to come my way :p Stunning knives! Ryan also dodged the plan by having #3 and #4 and 6. ;)
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    Photos WWII Japanese NCO Katana Identification Need Help

    It's a Chinese fake. 100% sure.
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    Original Sterile Microtech HALO?

    Also, would a mod please move this to Auto Knife discussion? Thanks.
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    Original Sterile Microtech HALO?

    Picked this up from a friend, have always wanted a HALO to go with my few other MT's. They are very rare here in South Africa, and never seen a genuine HALO. My buddy owned this in the late 90's, sold it, and recently got it back in trade. So chances of it being a fake are slim I hope. That...
  10. Sigp210

    Japanese Traditional Swords

    There are hundreds of thousands of Japanese swords in the USA and the west. And hundreds of people exporting/importing every week, and lots of dealers specializing in exporting out of Japan. Not hard to get them, you wouldn't be filling any market that isn't already being maxed. Antiques are far...
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    Looking into buying a high end Katana. Help please

    Why "as traditional as possible"? Why not just buy traditional? Buy a real one. You would expect to pay around $2500 upwards for something real and antique. $4000 Upwards for quite nice, and the sky is the limit at the upper end. There are thousands of real Nihonto around. You could even start...
  12. Sigp210

    Does anybody have a Kershaw trooper ?

    Bumping an old topic, to add that I have been informed that USA Troopers were serialed, but not necessarily those that were destined for other markets like Oz or South Africa. Some of those may have ended up in USA, but perfectly legit for them to have no serial.
  13. Sigp210

    My CRK Collection (Handmade Knives)

    You wouldn't believe exactly how complicated some of the deals have to be :D
  14. Sigp210

    My CRK Collection (Handmade Knives)

    At least I can say I owned one of those for a day :D Stunning! And that serial #1! What model is that?
  15. Sigp210

    The most unusual "Sebenza 21"

    Knowing the guy who bought it from Chris in 1988, I can assure you that is a very lucky co-incidence. He also bought 4 hollow handle knives at the time that are all #5...2 of which I now own. The other one of these "Sebenzas" seen on this forum is #30, which is in the USA. No idea where the...
  16. Sigp210

    The most unusual "Sebenza 21"

    Nope..actual serial number. #21 of the very first Titanium folders.
  17. Sigp210

    The most unusual "Sebenza 21"

    Hehe. I can assure you this is 100% legit, and bought originally directly from CR in the VERY, VERY beginning. One owner since then until now. (Not me unfortunately) A very unique piece, and probably one of the most collectible Sebenzas out there. Was called the "Titanium folder" back then...
  18. Sigp210

    Early South African One Piece, unusual scabbard

    I think I posted about this early one-piece a week or 2 ago. Notice the flat edge across the crossguard. I suspect something that came between the MK III and whatever model this became. The person I got this from was kind enough to bring me the original sheath for it, since it had one that was...
  19. Sigp210

    Step Back in Time - Chris Reeve Article 1983

    Here's an advert for a Chris Reeve knife club, from October 1986. There is also an article on what makes a good survival knife, but not much new info in there. FYI - The Jereboam at R299 back then is about $20 at today's exchange rate. :(