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  1. Jody744

    Owning one pocket knife

    I only had one for awhile, then I got a second one.... and counting
  2. Jody744

    Favorite GECs per year

    Yes I do
  3. Jody744

    Favorite GECs per year

    I got a 25 made on 08/08/2008, my wedding day!
  4. Jody744

    Shepherd Hills Cutlery - experiences wanted.

    Best I can tell some of their knives are pre order sfo, (special factory order). When enough people pre order, then they order from Case. I’ve only bought a few on clearance over the years no problems with my orders.
  5. Jody744

    Jack's Random Tuesday Carry

    Ohta friction folder bought straight from him at Blade show a few years back, superb little knife!
  6. Jody744

    Best EDC (in your opinion) for under $50

    Victorinox pioneer
  7. Jody744

    Nepal Kukri vs Condor Kukri

    I love my Condor one, don’t really have another to do a comparison but it does what I need every time I ask
  8. Jody744

    Albers Cutlery Company

    Didn’t get any pics, but my fixed blade went right through a rack of ribs for lunch, easy peasy
  9. Jody744

    Jack's Random Tuesday Carry

    This Tuesday is a Queen, fantastic stag on both sides. I won in a Christmas giveaway here!!! Usually only carry on special occasions but today felt special.
  10. Jody744


    Try contacting Randall made knives in Florida, Scagel was the inspiration for Mr Randall
  11. Jody744

    Collector Knives .net - legit place?

    Yes. Buy with confidence
  12. Jody744

    Albers Cutlery Company

    @glennbad I resemble that remark. This will prolly be the last fixed blade I ever buy. Why try the rest when you’ve got the best???!!! This is my own personal opinion, I have other fixed blades, some other nice custom ones also. YMMV.
  13. Jody744

    Jack's Random Tuesday Carry

    Classy Tim Britton folder with some kind of micarta
  14. Jody744

    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    @EngrSorenson more like a slow southern drawl! Work and 5 kids keep me busy. How do I know if I would even buy one at all? What if it’s a muskrat or a toothpick, yuck. Just my opinion.
  15. Jody744

    Albers Cutlery Company

    As if Monday’s weren’t long enough knowing my knife was on the porch at lunchtime made the afternoon drag on and on. Couldn’t get home fast enough, couldn’t be happier. Late night pics on the bed. This is not the sheath it came with btw
  16. Jody744

    Is There An Easy Fix For A Missing Shield?

    Boker will send you a shield. I use the gel super glue by loctite
  17. Jody744

    Albers Cutlery Company

    That black and brown micarta looks better than I thought it would! Ironwood on the way for me though, will be my first ironwood