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    Coffee mug or tea cup

    I use a 24 oz stainless steel Bubba mug that is vacuum insulated. Still have the same one after 5 years plus.
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    Drilling and tapping screw holes for pocket clip on Victorinox alox?

    I used some 1-72 screws in the Micarta handles on my AL Mar Falcon Ultralight to most a clip. The three screws hold the clip very securely. I've bent the clip several times and the screws didn't budge. I used a bottoming tap.
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    Your most difficult knife to learn how to open

    My grand father's slippie. It is a 3 bladed Henckles with bone scales. The back spring is very stiff and nail nicks are much narrower than newer knives.
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    I cook them in my pressure cooker.
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    Recommendation? Stainless chopper/cleaver/slicer kitchen knife?

    I use a Ontario Field knife that I modified. I thinned the blade a little, added some belly to it and remade the handle. It is 1095 steel. Works well for a GP knife that I've also use on frozen meat and veggies, batoned it through frozen chubs of ground meat with out any problem.
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    Issues with a Grizly grinder

    I've had a Grizzly for along time. I think I took a file to the drive wheel to give it a little crown to make it track better. I'd try disduster's electrical tape wrap to see if an increased crown helps.
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    Hacker and Whacker Knives

    I use an old 110 I got a garage sale. Tip was damaged and scales were in sad shape. I reshaped the tip into a drop point, and replaced the scales.
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    Victorinox not having a big chef knife?

    check One of my friends was in culinary school. Some of the students had some Shun knives. They had problems with the blades chipping. It occurred to me that...
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    Interesting Knife Uses

    One of my kitchen knives has a blade that is 1.5 wide. I use it as a measuring device to cut pork chops from a pork loin roast.
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    Which Pry bar for edc?

    I keep one of the 2" steel wiggie pry pars from Countycomm on my key ring.
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    Interesting Knife Uses

    Velitrius- Never occurred to me to use the spine to peel ginger root. I'll try it next time I peel ginger, I've been using a spoon. Thanks for the tip!
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    Interesting Knife Uses

    I've used the square edge on the spine of my EDC to deburr plastic. If I need to very accurately place a sticker on something, I stick it to the tip of my knife so I can position it easier.
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    Knife Jimping

    Not a fan of jumping. I have a couple of folders that I either rounded the jumping or completely removed it. However I have found it some what useful when stripping wire.
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    Advice on chef knife set

    If you can, find a shop that has a variety of kitchen knives. Handle the knives so you can get an idea of what shape and size of handle you like. Some places like Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table usually have a good selection of kitchen knives. Like others have said, just get the a few...
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    Identifying a screw

    If you have screws of a known pitch, you can use them like a pitch gauge. Be careful, there are some metric sizes that are very close to SAE sizes. Example: 1-72 and M2 x 0.4 4-48 and M3 x 0.5 A lot of computers and electronics use metric screws which may be another source.
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    Is There A "Best" Brand of Zulu or NATO Watch Strap?

    Maratac bands are very good. I used a NATO (Maratac) band on a beater watch (worn every day) for over ten years with almost no signs of wear.
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    Ever “converted” anyone to knives?

    My son caught the bug from me. Got a message from him the other day. "Hey dad, can you take a picture of your roll of knives and send it to me? My girlfriend thinks I have too many knives."
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    Looking for a good can opener

    My wife got one of those Pampered Chef ones that don't leave a sharp edge. They work OK. I still keep a P-51 in the drawer for that occasional stubborn can. Funny can opener story- Several years ago I was at my in laws for Thanksgiving dinner. Someone brought something in a can, we couldn't...
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    >>!! 1K POST SPYDERCO(Delica) GIVEAWAY !!<<

    I'm in. I have two daughters who got married. After the wedding, I gave my new son in laws the knife that I happen to be carrying that day. Ric
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    Recommendation? Where to get handle material

    When I worked in San Francisco, there was a building materials recycling place. They would recycle and resell used building materials. I got some birdseye maple flooring pieces for cheap, also some walnut, sugar maple and ipe for cheap. See if there are any local cabinet shops around. A lot...