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    New Bugout with omega spring break

    I have two bugouts and 3 out of 4 omega springs broke within 6 months. Unless things have changed benchmade won't sell omega springs and I'm not mailing my knives in to get a replacement part I can change on my own in 5 minutes. My solution is to make my own omega springs and not buy any more...
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    Favorite Spyderco knives

    I carry a military the most, by far. Best feeling Spyderco I've ever handled is the proficient. Mine will arrive tomorrow.
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    Making Omega Springs

    I have an 11 year old griptilian. No problem. I have a Bugout that broke both omega springs within 6 months. My son has a Bugout that broke one omega spring within 6 months. Benchmade is off my to-buy list. Especially since they won't just sell omega springs.
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    BM replacement parts policy

    They WOULD send you omega springs? Is this a recent change? I have 3 out of 4 omega springs on my 2 bugouts that broke but I made my own since they wouldn't ship them.
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    How fantastic is the Kapara?!?!?

    Very. Yes.
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    Bruce Bump knives

    Bruce Bump feather damascus is my personal favorite. It's just bonkers. The closest I'll get to owning a Bump is my file guide.
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    Light weight knife for hiking - have to admit, it makes a difference.

    ESEE Izula with the extended TKC handles. It went from a novelty to my preferred backpacking knife with the addition of the extended scales.
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    What knife would you immediately buy if they only made a smaller or larger version of it?

    I want a larger Ikuchi. They can call it the Iku 2. You're welcome, Sal.
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    Recommendation? So I bought a Bugout, Kapara, and a Spydiechef and......

    I have a bugout with ti scales and a kapara. I love them both. The spydiechef doesn't do it for me.
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    Survive GSO 5.5 or suggestions for a fixed blade?

    GSO 5.5 should be widely available in 2028 or after. :D I would stay far, far away but that's just me. I prefer carbon steel fixed blades for the most part so I don't have a lot to offer as far as 5-6" fixed blades. ETA: I saw the Carothers suggestion above me. If a Carothers offering meets...
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    New DLT Exclusive Para 3 Red/M390 - 8/20

    Red M390 DLC Military. Please.
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    Lg. Sebenza 21 w/black micarta

    I'll take it. Please email your PP info to dmd0878 at hotmail dot com. Thanks
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    A lesson in half-assing sale posts

    We're good. No harm done.
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    A lesson in half-assing sale posts

    Shenanigans? Please clarify in detail.
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    A lesson in half-assing sale posts

    I think the rule is clear. The listed price should be the actual price. I was willing and happy to pay your listed price. I'd recommend you review the BF exchange rules and alter your sales threads methods to comply.
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    A lesson in half-assing sale posts
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    A lesson in half-assing sale posts

    Josh, we can do it this way if you want. SECTION 2 - Rules/Procedures for Selling, Buying, Trading, & Offering Services: The implementation of common sense is strongly encouraged beyond this point. This applies directly to the persons involved in the transactions. Sellers/Selling - Be 100%...
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    $465, $435, $425

    dmd0878 at hotmail dot com.
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    $465, $435, $425

    I'll take the red micarta 21. What's your paypal?
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    Sebenza 21 vs Koenig Arius

    I'm sure they're both fantastic but I'll be That Guy and say buy an Ikuchi and be happy.