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  1. Yakkiebush

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    I’ve had way more than 50 knives shipped up here in Canada from our Southern cousins and yet to lose one ? I’m a lucky one I guess and not less a bullshitter.
  2. Yakkiebush

    Para 2 and a manix 2 users (Sold)

  3. Yakkiebush

    Spyderco Top 3 favs

    Same here ,no specific order though lol
  4. Yakkiebush

    Broken blade on Para 2 S110V

    I think it is purple it’s just the photo.zoom in closer and you can see a bit better.
  5. Yakkiebush

    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Lmao and I mean it.
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    Here ya go 0346195001270428 Canada post
  7. Yakkiebush

    (SOLD) Kershaw CQC-6K, Buck Solitaire, Case Sodbuster Jr.

    I’ll take the caly 3
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  9. Yakkiebush

    Spyderco manix 2 Rex 45 burnt Orange

  10. Yakkiebush

    Sold Thx ! Spyderco PM2 s110v

    I’ll take it if ageed
  11. Yakkiebush

    Cru-ware vs Rex-45 experiences.

    All over a a steel ffs grow up boys
  12. Yakkiebush

    Green spyderco v benchmade

    I have just got the para 3 s45vn and talking to the better have and asked her what she liked I’ve got three green knives .which I love the colour nothing about being Irish or nothing lol. She picked the benchmade REI exclusive much for my new knife . Women . I love them all though
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    no bother My PayPal is