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    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Howdy-- I just pre-ordered a basic, compression lock Lil' Native. After reading all nine pages about availability, I'm wondering how long the back-order might last. Does anyone know, or have a guess?
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    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Okay, I'm not carrying this, but I spotted it with a few other NIB Hammer Brands, each for $20, in Portland, OR. I thought somebody on this thread might get excited: P.S.-- I hope this isn't inappropriate. I have no relation to...
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    Knife companies that need new logos

    I just googled "Artisan Cutlery logo", which took me here, because I was just about to hit "add to cart" on one of their knives when I glanced at the pivot bolt and saw a swastika. You're right, when I looked closer it's just four lines, but they're four very suggestive lines. I'm sure it's...
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    Has anyone tried Spyder Throwers?

    I've been surprised I can't find any reviews of Spyderco's Spyder Throwers. They look good, and their designer seems highly respected, so I'm thinking of getting a set in the large size. Does anyone have experience with them?
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    Opinel Mods, lets see them

    I recently took a spoon carving class, hoping to improve my whittling skills. I want to get more out of my EDC than opening boxes and slicing apples. I'll admit I was a little disappointed that the instructor didn't ask, "What's in your pocket?". He just handed out a bunch of Mora 106 carving...
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    Benchmade pictures

    New knife day! Last week I hit a milestone: one year, no beer. I didn't join one of those clubs that hands out commemorative coins, so I decided I'd pick my own memento. I'll enjoy having this in my pocket much more than a novelty coin.
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    Mushroom knife mod

    That's funny--I guess bowling is a more popular search than pocket knives. It's a South African company, distributed here by Western Active: I think you can get them through Amazon also, though they're still ultimately coming from Western Active, I believe.
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    Mushroom knife mod

    When I first took up mushroom hunting, I found it refreshing that the hobby required almost no gear. Then I spotted an Opinel mushroom knife, and of course I had to have one. As much as I like the Opinel, with its old-world charm, it is a two-hand knife. On a good day mushroom hunting, I'll...
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    Knife scam sites ( and others)

    Yeah, their grammar skills are pretty impressive for Chinese scammers, but there are some clues in the usage and syntax. This is my favorite: "You release the creature's ferocity with a thumb stud." That's not a thing people say. Thank you all for posting your bad experiences. I have to admit...