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    San Mai Wharncliffe for sale

    Out of my price range, but beautiful work!
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    Love the rag micarta!
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    Zip-ties on knives

    That's either gonna go all the way one way, or all the way the other way. No middle ground there!
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    Do you have a carry rotation?

    I carry my Boker Pipsqueak every day.
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    1 Year with IWB carry

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    Blade regrinds - What's the down side?

    What are recommended sharpening angles for a full flat grind? Still 20 deg?
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    ESEE HMs

    I'm waiting until the 6HM comes out.
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    What makes you laugh about the knife community?

    Passive aggressive posts on BF.
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    You guys ever going to make the Albatros again???

    The Pipsqueak is essentially a sleeker Albatros.
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    Who else EDCs a fixedblade?

    Those scales are way too clean, time to get em dirty! Nice knife, man.
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    Fixed EDC
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    What Knife Curbed Your Knife Buying the Longest?

    My Boker Pipsqueak. I haven't bought another folder since, because I haven't needed to. I'm still buying fixed blades, but have definitely slowed down after buying 3 Esee's in a row.
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    Redneck knife sharpening

    Guys, it's OK. He's a chef. Its what he does.
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    CHALLENGE: Sell me on Busse.

    Your point stands? If your point still stood, you wouldn't be using a Mora or a laplander.
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    Need some help with a faulty pocket clip

    Take off the clip, and bend it so that the end of the clip is at more of an acute angle toward the knife, re-attach the clip. Problem solved.
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    You guys ever going to make the Albatros again???

    One more vote for the Albatros!
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    To sharpen or not to sharpen, that is the question

    Depends on the knife. I bought my Boker Pipsqueak and didn't need to sharpen it for at least two weeks because of the crazy sharp factory edge. On the other end of the spectrum, I got a DW Childress custom fixed blade on here that came to me with no microbevel at all, definitely needed to...
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    Your top fixed blade battle knives?

    My Esee Junglas and my kid size aluminium baseball bat.
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    Knife steel point of diminishing returns?

    I like 1095 a lot for a straight up utility blade that gets a lot of use. The fancy side of me prefers S35VN for a relatively low-maintenance stainless blade. 1095 is easy to sharpen, and I love me a forced patina.
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    Carbon Steel Newbie, Needs Help

    I rub a bit of vaseline on my 1095 blades.