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    What would you like to see from LionSteel?

    :):rolleyes:Small nice affordable Folding Knife with a real idiot safe working Flipper and a good enough blade Steel for daily use (D2/440c are really not so bad) with a Price below 100 Euro- Size/Form like the good old Daghetta Aluminium (but please without this sharp angle edge at the bottom...
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    Sardinian Pattada suggestions?

    Search for an Italian Company called "Saladini" They have a nice one made with olive wood handles. Sold at around 125 Euros in Europe (:D one is on it's way currently to me)
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    New Lionsteel PM-2????

    PM 4 made by Lionsteel will come early next Year. Currently the Prototypes are tested and some changes to the clip and scales to be done
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    M5 New Fixed Blade

    Lionsteel shows on their Facebookpage a new fixed Blade - The M5 (pre IWA Show Teaser) :-) Info´s from the Announcement: Sleipner steel DLC or Sone Washed finishing Blade: 115 mm, overall 241 mm, thickness 4.5 mm
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    New Lionsteel PM-2????

    So Pictures of the Production Version are up with a availability Date: 17. November
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    New Lionsteel PM-2????

    So first Picture of the Prototype are shown with an unfinished Blade, missing Glas breaker and missing Clip: Available end of October
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    Bastinelli Creations Mid-Tech Raptor L Fixed Blade Knife (5.625" Satin)

    Hi Mike, I got it - it has a jimping at the front of the Blade. Bastien and Lionsteel did a fantastic Job - Fits perfect to my Hands - and yes it has a thinner Blade and not like most US Knifes something in the 4-6 mm Area. Just as a side notice: The Kydex is made by Bastien - and a very simple...
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    Scuba diving knife

    Hobby Diver by myself - Using a Spyderco Salt now for over 60 Dives in Salt Water - no Issues, no Rust . I think the basic question is what you want it for: Working (cutting Ropes...) under water or as a Backup. I´m happy with what i have and never needed it under water so far. Question to all...
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    New Lionsteel PM-2????

    Hi, Polizeibedarf released some Details: - Monoblock handle with additional Steel Liners - Niolox as Blade Steel - additional safety spring for the Backlock (???) like TM1 Andi
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    New Lionsteel PM-2????

    No Details except "based on the latest Lionsteel Technology" - Whatever that means
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    New Lionsteel PM-2????

    Pm 1 MK3 should come out in the next 4 Weeks according to the Swiss Online Shop who specified/designed it
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    New LionSteel made Knive announced - Pohl Force Quebec One

    For those LionSteel Fans- Pohl Force announced a new LionSteel made Knife on their Facebook page. Name: Quebec One - looks like a nice big bad ass Knife :D. Data from their announcement: Sleipner Steel 5.9 mm thick 193 mm Blade length and 315mm overall length Andi
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    Done -Mike One

    You will be positive surprised by the Mike - It´s from Ergonomics and Fit & Finish Point of view one of my Knife Highlights this Year. For my Hands also the perfect EDC Size
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    Done -Mike One

    Hi, Has anyone experience with the Pohl Force Mike One (made by Lionsteel)? How's your experience with Niolox Steel in Real Life? Thanks in advance Andi ####08/28/2013 Post done - Ordered it and got it today. Gianni and his Team did a outstanding Job. Build Quality is fantastic...
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    What ZT collaboration would you like to see next?

    Collab with Dietmer Pohl - Just imagine what oversized beefy Alpha would result in this collab :-)
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    Pohl Force Foxtrott Mini?

    Should be available by June this Year according to PF Info. 259 Euro's.
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    SR-1 Aluminum version availability to Europe?

    Hi Nifelheim, there is already one reliable german onlinestore selling it and on Top he has not only the usual black or green one´s - he is also selling red ones and he get´s orange one´s in too.
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    **LOTTERY** All Black DLC XM-18 3.5" ** WINNER - #43 Rudeco!

    I´m in - Thank´s for the chance to kill my Knife Budget for this year ;-))
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    0551 last Batch Production Timeline?

    Hi, Thomas what about the last Batch of the 0551? Any final Timeline when they shipped out? Andi
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    SR-1 Aluminium Frame

    My Black/Satin arrived today with his little Brother a full black Daghetta :) - as Traveller said a real Beauty. Very Good Grip, flawless finish and sharpest Edge on a production Folder (looks like polished Edge) I had so far. Fits very nicely into my Hand (Size 11). Please can sobody say...