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  1. BBQ BOY

    Sebenza Presentation Case

    That is fantastic. Great job.
  2. BBQ BOY

    ***{SOLD}***Small 31 Boomerang Micarta

    Well never mind. It’s been 5 years since I bought a knife here or even PM’ed any on and I don’t remember how to do it. LOL. Send me a PM
  3. BBQ BOY

    Sebenza 31s out of stock

    I was coming on here to basically pose the same question/comment.
  4. BBQ BOY

    Introducing the Sebenza 31! (21 Is Being Discontinued)

    I haven't bought a knife in almost 3 years. That may change
  5. BBQ BOY

    msrp of Zann black coating???

    that's what i thought. CRK secondary is getting stupid.
  6. BBQ BOY

    msrp of Zann black coating???

    what was the original cost of this knife?
  7. BBQ BOY

    CRK Nyala + kydex(pricedrop)

    I'll take the kydex. does the kydex have other mounting options other than the leather straps?
  8. BBQ BOY

    School me please

    Well, other makers have caught up to the Sebenza whereas before, o one came close. So the gap has been closed. HOWEVER, there is just something about CRK knives. I have had knives in the thousands and I always come back to the sebenza or the Inkosi. The knife is smooth and well built. I LOVE the...
  9. BBQ BOY

    Impinda slipjoint... as I see it (after 2 months of field use)

    Thank you for th write up. I hope to pick one up
  10. BBQ BOY

    Rarest CRK You Own

    Who's Tim?
  11. BBQ BOY

    Rarest CRK You Own

    not overly exceptional as some here, but only 4 were made.
  12. BBQ BOY

    UG vs CGG

    I absolutely love this Purple tiger!!! I am a Clemson Tiger, so this would be perfect.
  13. BBQ BOY

    Attention Some sad news

    awwww. this is terrible and what is more that we are just now finding out 2 years later. RIP, brother.
  14. BBQ BOY

    Mnandi carbon fibre!!!

    I'll pass. i just bought one with that date and wanted that date.
  15. BBQ BOY

    Mnandi carbon fibre!!!

  16. BBQ BOY

    Carbon Fiber Mnandi

    I paid about $485, which I did not care to do, but it had my father's birthdate, so that made it all ok.