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  1. Bigbobg

    I lost my favorite knife

    Nothing like a happy ending.
  2. Bigbobg

    Am I Expecting Too Much?

    Standards seemed to be higher when Chris was in charge.
  3. Bigbobg

    Underrated Bucks

    That 106 smidgen is awesome! I’d love to have one but they’re discontinued.
  4. Bigbobg

    What Buck are you carrying today?

    My $19 made in China 379 Solo. Razor sharp, great fit and finish.
  5. Bigbobg

    Shields...any preference? Or know any history on them?

    My favorite is the Kabar dog head
  6. Bigbobg

    Hen and Rooster Espanol

    I always wanted a Hen & Rooster knife. Liked the name and logo. I knew it wasn’t made in Germany when I bought it. Maybe I just got the one bad one out of thousands of good ones. I’m glad you have so many good ones. Maybe you’ll be luckier than I was if you try a Spanish one.
  7. Bigbobg

    Hen and Rooster Espanol

    Yes. Worst knife I ever bought. The cutting edge of the main blade came to rest on top of a secondary blade. Had to push the main blade sideways to close it. I was so disgusted I threw it in the trash. Disappointed to say the least.
  8. Bigbobg

    Knives and Coffee

    Thank you for your service.
  9. Bigbobg

    Don't you think that the mini-grip and the rat-2 are too small ?

    Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.
  10. Bigbobg

    Benchmade Ascent

    Lost mine. Really liked that knife.
  11. Bigbobg

    Mixed My Purchasing Exp. from KnifeCenter

    I've had nothing but good experiences with Knife Center.
  12. Bigbobg

    SOLD: Small Sabenza 21

    Small, plain Sabenza 21. $275.00 to your door. PAY PAL ONLY. No snail trails. This knife has been babied. Some white showing on the tip of the thumb stud visible in photo. I'm not the first owner so no box or birth certificate included. If it's not in the pics, it's not included. First "I'll...
  13. Bigbobg

    My edges aren't very good, until I strop, and then they are very good. What's going on?

    Evidently they're better than you think if stropping is all you need to finish them.
  14. Bigbobg

    Small Spyderco carry question

    Most pants have more than one pocket. It's easy to dedicate one to your knife. A dragonfly fits nicely into a watch/coin pocket.
  15. Bigbobg

    Spyderco packaging

    The box is the first thing I throw in the trash.
  16. Bigbobg

    New AFCK run????

    The liner lock model is the only one I'm familiar with.
  17. Bigbobg

    Recommendation? Gerber Gators?

    One of the most comfortable knives I've ever handled.
  18. Bigbobg

    New AFCK run????

    If it does come back I hope they leave that silly butterfly medallion off the handle.
  19. Bigbobg

    Remington Arms bankruptcy .. again

    Amen! And Thompson Center too.