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    How To Herb's Yellowstone

    I met Herb Dunkel many years ago when he traveled to wood carving shows. Herb's Yellowstone is actually pink in color and was made for him by Norton Abrasives in MA. I believe it was about the same grit size as the original Green Chromium Oxide which was so popular at the time. It is a hard...
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    {ALL SOLD} ADV Alpha & Spyderco BHQ Paramilitary 2 M4 Tanto

    I will purchase the Spyderco BHQ Exclusive Tanto M4. PM sent for details on PayPal. Regards, FK
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    The Endura Thread

    My collection of Endura/Delica knives go back to the mid 1990's,,,none have blade rock. Regards, FK
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    The Endura Thread

    91 Bravo, Great photos, thanks for starting this thread. I have a nice collection of Military, PM2 and Para 3 however, the most carried are Endura and Delica. Regards, FK
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    Spyderco Police 4 Lightweight spyderedge

    If it is offered with SE,,, I would purchase two immediately. Regards, FK
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    Soft screws at times on PM2's?

    If a screw is tight,,, small tip soldering iron,,, direct heat to screw head and good torx bits by Wiha. It is not a soft screw problem,, operator experience will solve the difficulties. Regards, FK
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    The new Work Sharp Angle Set Knife Sharpener

    All three of the videos show how to ROUND THE TIP on your knife, including the one by Worksharp. Dragging the knife tip off the edge of the stone will quickly ruin the tip. With any very narrow stone, one should stop the blade on the stone flats and lift it off not drag it over the edge...
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    Manix S110V blade broke from cutting PP board

    Very common to have a crack from earlier bending side pressure, then finally gives up with more normal usage. The Spyder hole is a design we all enjoy however, it results in less material to resist bending and is the weakest area in the blade. Regards, FK
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    Spyderco Stretch Super Blue, Benchmade 906 tanto

    Stretch rec'd, excellent transaction. Thanks Matt. Regards, FK
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    Spyderco Repair Service Review

    I have used Spyderco Customer Service only once about 2 years ago. Fantastic service and great communication. Knife was serviced and returned in 1.5 weeks. Regards. FK
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    Cruwear Delica!

    +1 on the CRU-WEAR Endura. Regards, FK
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    Cruwear Delica!

    In stock at BHQ. Regards, FK
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    Cruwear Delica!

    Other dealers will have the Delica CRU-WEAR posted on Monday. Regards, FK
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    Cruwear Delica!

    Prefer the Delica and purchased back-up. Do not need choil , Delica blade is thinner stock and a great slicer, do not like black smooth G-10. Regards, FK
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    Spyderco Spyderco Supergold Delica & Endura. Endura Blue VG-10 CIRCA 2010. LNIB.

    I will take the Endura Super Gold. PM inbound. Regards, FK
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    Strop upgrade

    I also much prefer the horse butt leather,,, it is hard and will minimize the rounding over of the apex if too much pressure is applied to the blade. Diamond spray works fantastic and needs very little pressure to maximize the apex formation. Regards, FK
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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    DSC_6160-1 Web by fkrow, on Flickr FK
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    New BentoBoxShop M390 Delica

    Accepting a Rockwell C scale harness number as a single value with only one indentation is very unusual in engineering machine design. To allow for the non precise nature of test numbers we normally give a hardness range, for example Rc 61-63 when specifying a hardness. The testing machine...
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    Endela anybody?

    A super blue steel sprint would be welcome. I have SB in Delica, Endura and Stretch,,, all excellent knives with unique steel. Regards, FK
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    New BentoBoxShop M390 Delica

    Received the two I ordered on Friday this morning. Excellent knives, QC is fantastic with very nice edge bevels consistent on both sides with nice grinding finish. Perfectly centered with great detail on the entire knife. Slight, 1/8 turn, on the pivot screw and a few drops of Nano-Oil on...