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    goruck slippery on a leather jacket?

    You shouldn't run into any slipping problems, Goruck makes them out of 1000D nylon, if anything the bag gets conplaints of being too rough on softer cotton shirts. They really are bombproof bags, I own two and my wife owns one.


    Been a little while since I stopped in here last but good to see the old homestead is still here! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope everyone has a great day!

    Production Clinch Pick $65 shipped

    I have owned this clinch pick for about a year and am selling as no just don't carry it anymore. The blade is in excellent condition and the sheath has been modified for better retention, grip and added drainage holes so the sheath can be cleaned of debris easier. I am asking $65 which includes...

    Emerson Price Drop: Emerson tan CQC-7V barely used $140

    I have for sale a lightly used desert tan CQC-7V with no box or paperwork. I've only carried it a handful of times and only used it to open packages. There is one small scratch on the G10 near the pivot on the non clip side, there is zero blade play whatsoever, with rock solid lockup. Selling to...

    Used Emerson Bulldog $SOLD

    So after carrying for a while I realized smaller knives just aren't for me. I'm putting my Emerson Bulldog up for sale.the knife is 7.50" overall length so not small by average means with a 3.2" blade there is no blade play in any direction and has rock solid lockup. There is some slight...

    Used 2000 Emerson SARK with custom orange scales.

    I hate to sell it but some bills have come up. I have a used 2000 SARK with custom orange scales made by Ray Chee. The scale are phenomenal and feel like they came from the factory. All hardware except for the thumb disc itself has been replaced. The edge needs work and there is a small amount...

    What Maker would you pick right now??

    CharlieMike as soon as the tax return comes he's getting some of it. I have enough folders that I beat on now I want to start working on fixed blades.

    What Are You Reading?

    It's nothing extravagant, just a quote from one of his short stories that I interpret a little differently than most. Across the front of my left ankle it says "All that you love will be carried away" I always interpreted the phrase to mean sooner or later we lose everything we love so cherish...

    What Are You Reading?

    King is probably one of the weirdest writers when it comes to making movies of his work. I'm not sure about the Tower movie either. It's just one of those series it would be so easy to screw up due to the complexity.

    What Are You Reading?

    The book series and the movie of Enders game aren't even in the same class. The movie watered down all of the emotions, and there's a lot of them. [emoji106] I started reading The Dark Tower in 2001 (way younger than I should have) and was instantly hooked, I'm a huge Stephen King nerd to begin...

    Looking for a wave modification service

    I just get skeptical when people make statements about how so and so brand has this problem and then when questioned further they've never actually experienced it themselves, that doesn't negate the fact that there very well may be a problem just one of my pet peeves I guess you might say. You...

    Looking for a wave modification service

    So your Emerson that wasn't waved had lockup issues so you added your own home made parts instead of sending it back the manufacturer for warranty work[emoji57]. Okay. Did you have any Emerson's personally with the wave feature that had issues caused by the wave feature that were all factory...

    Looking for a wave modification service

    It isn't illegal per say, but it is a good way to get hit with a cease and desist and possibly legal action. A patent means that Emerson knives is obligated to defend they're patent whenever they find someone using it without permission. Kind of a use it or lose it sort of thing, if they don't...

    Looking for a wave modification service

    How are some of you guys waving your knives? I've owned probably 12 Emerson's and never have had an issue, I must have all the luck in the world. And before the you don't really use your knife crowd comes in I've cut open cans, cleared an entire 10X6 patch of red grass, opened roughly a billion...

    Looking for a wave modification service

    Matt (CharlieMike) won't wave anything since Emerson got a patent for the wave shaped feature. Legally no one is allowed to wave anything for monetary gain so unless you can find someone that will do it for free you're probably out of luck. It can be done on most knives with basic hand tools and...

    What Are You Reading?

    I checked and *gasp* I don't have paper copies of either book I recommended. I do have a large volume of short stories by Lovecraft so if the "library" is empty let me know and I'll send you the book.

    What Are You Reading?

    Do you have a local library or are you going to purchase them? Also have you dug into Poe yet?

    What Are You Reading?

    The Dunwich Horror and Dagon are both solid classic Lovecraft, I'm kind of a freak for old school horror and sci-fi. I have probably 5 Lovecraft collections because all his stories are rarely printed in the same book.