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    Lets use those axes for what they were ment for.

    Sorry, yes, PATC
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    Crosscut Saw Thread

    I really need to learn how to set/sharpen crosscut saws
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    Crosscut Saw Thread

    I'm in the mountains in north/western Virginia. A hickory branch is a good idea. I thought of making a handle but wasn't sure how to get it perfectly round where it needs to mate to the handle bracket.
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    What did you rehang today?

    Practice makes perfect
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    What did you rehang today?

    Good job @Charlie_K Looks like you did a good job getting the head seated on there good. I've done a few sledge hammers and have gotten some good results with a twisted wire cup on an angle grinder and mineral oil. The wire cup doesn't take the head down to bare polished steel but after you...
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    Lets use those axes for what they were ment for.

    that's the first tictok video i've ever watched. I'm sure it will also be the last. I bet the bit of that "axe" looks pretty good now since they likely chopped right into the driveway once they made it through that little tree I like the claw hammer on hatchet technique. That's some...
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    What’s the oldest axes branded or not

    Hello @Bryce.s I can help 1. Kelly true temper branded is older than the unbranded with the eye ridges. 2. Yes, I have a Keen Kutter Jersey with phantom bevels. I strongly suspect that it is a rebranded Kelly Perfect axe as it appears identical other than the stamp.
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    Is this Plumb 3.2 a Connecticut or Something else?

    +1 on Michigan. Not Connecticut. A Connecticut has a taller poll and shorter length, so more square and less rectangular. Also, Michigan has rounded poll corners while Conn. has square poll corners
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    Old Axe vs. New

    I've bought house, tennessee, seymore/Link, and do it best handles, and BY FAR in my opinion, the best shaped handles you can buy today are made by Seymore/Link. However, they are very hit or miss and you are best off if you find a store that stocks them so you can pick through what they have...
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    Seeking a fireman's axe

    +1 on the pine tar. I got a little black can of it from tractor supply and mix equal parts with it, pure tung and citrus solvent. It adds some nice color. Here are a couple handles I did with it.
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    Seeking a fireman's axe

    You might want to try the 32" handle, you might just like it.
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    How To Fine Tuning Premium Axe

    Looks good. I wish I had your skill at leather work. I really need to make some sheaths/covers for my axes.
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    Crosscut Saw Thread

    Does anyone know of a source for replacement wood handles for crosscut saws? I need one handle to fit a climax type handle attachment. I have the hardware, I just need the wood handle. I found that Beaver Tooth has them, but says they have a 30 day shipping delay - which seems a little...
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    What do you think this might be?

    The later mann made collins axes had the M stamp - like M 31/2 - and I've got one of those from probably the early 90s - and its less refined than the OPs head. So I'm going to say that his axe is from the 70s or 80s. the amount of pitting isn't a good indication of age, just an indication of...
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    Lets use those axes for what they were ment for.

    Nope, I'm in the mountains of northwestern virginia at the west virginia border - so I guess that's the central appalachian mountain region. Ecologically more like the north east US. The hemlock species is eastern or canadian hemlock.
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    Lets use those axes for what they were ment for.

    I was hiking up a trail yesterday and found this hemlock tree across it. It had recently fallen and the tree was still alive (most have died around here and the rest are pretty sick right now from the wooly adelgid). Luckily I had my axe with me (of course), so I went to work on it. I...
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    153UH Golden Spike Research

    Great story @EEResQ ! Although I think I like your old original sheath better! It was also the 153UH that initiated my schrade knife collection a while back. My dad had found the knife in an old car he was towing for scrap and gave it to me. I kept it in the glove box of my suzuki samurai...
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    124 Buck

    That's my favorite movie of all time! Used to watch it with my grandfather 35 years ago. Also, I am considering a 124.....
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    Maine Axes -post 'em up

    VERY cool! my grandfather was a big fan of LL Bean stuff back in the day. Sorry I can't add anything except that I think you meant that the axe head is stout. A stoat is a little weasel like critter. Or maybe you got bit by a stoat and bled on the handle?